John Robertson: Let's Redecorate!

John Robertson: Let's Redecorate!. John Robertson.

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It's 2:50pm in the afternoon! Get your fill of S/M, dead people and the sound of God laughing from John Robertson, whose ongoing nervous breakdown continues to a be an excellent source of career revenue. 'His material is edgy, intelligent and smoothly-delivered' (Age). 'A manic and quick-witted revelation' (Scotsman). ***** (Skinny). ***** ( **** (List). **** (

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Freewheeling Overlord of the spontaneous with a penchant for S&M the infectiously unnerving John Robertson, is returning all guns blazing to Fringe with Let's Redecorate: an all new solo show underpinned by the manic sound of God's laughter and dexterously laced with whatever else his twisted comic brilliance brings to mind.

This year, the stream-of-consciousness beast goes darker than ever, but he'll be smiling like a maniac, as always.

John has heard the sound of God laughing. God's jokes are mysterious, but when a punchline hits, people end up dead.

John's problem?

His best friend suicided last year. Is suicided a word? It is now? Gonna argue with a man who's best friend just did it? Thought not.

Also, thanks to a transatlantic phone call, John contributed to saving the life of a suicidal pedophile who then went on to steal an aeroplane. That's almost a side-plot in Breaking Bad. Except it's true.

Can John make these things funny at 2:50pm in the afternoon?

Of course he can. It's funny now. God's idea of funny. Ha ha ha. You can see why Jesus died.

Let's Redecorate proves that creator of cult hit The Dark Room John Robertson's ongoing neurasthenia is still an excellent source of career revenue. Sit down, strap in and prepare to traverse topics as seemingly unrelated, yet masterly interweaved, as bondage (mention 50 shades for a free punch in the face), throwing marshmallows, the providence of dwarves and dead people. There is an extra vicious hamster loose in John Robertson's mental wheel - a performer whose pizza is not short of a pepperoni and comes over laden with delicious brain meat.

John's last solo show at the Stand in 2014 sold out night after night. This show is part-scripted, part improvised stand up in the vein of master randomists like Ross Noble and Stan Freberg (call yourself a comedy fan? Look Stan up!) The only thing we can tell you with certainty is that it will be totally original and VERY John Robertson.