2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Expect The Unexporcupine wins 2015 Comedy Poster Award

Michael Stranney and Olaf Falafel have won the Edinburgh Comedy Poster Awards 2015 prize for the marketing material created for their Fringe show, Expect The Unexporcupine.

Expect the unexporcupine

The comedians have 21 different illustrated posters for their show, allowing them to use a different one for every day they're performing.

Olaf Falafel explains: "To reflect the variety and unexpected nature of our show, we commissioned 21 different 'remixes' of our show poster - a different one for each day of the run in Edinburgh. Displayed above is a selection of 9 of the 21 posters, other variations included WWF wrestlers, Wayne's World, Roman statues, Vikings, skeletons and severed heads."

The posters, which were illustrated by Elliott Quince, came out top of the audience vote, winning them the £1500 cash prize sponsored by Skatta TV. The prize was handed out at a ceremony at the Edinburgh Fringe, hosted by Andrew Maxwell. The event was produced by Get Comedy - and ended with Felicity Ward spinning tracks to the 250 audience.

Over 400 posters were entered into this year's awards, with some comedians mobilising their fan-bases to glean votes for their entries. The award's website attracted over 100,000 visitors, and over 30,000 votes were cast. Here are the other designs that came out top in the public vote:

Live in the Staff Room (Sex, Fairy Tales, Serial Killers and Other Stuff). Giada Garofalo

Live in the Staff Room

Newcastle Brown Male

Newcastle Brown Male



Shit Girlfriend

She Makes War: Shit Girlfriend

The winner of the Panel Prize (chosen by industry judges) was Tom Parry, whose poster for his show Yellow T-Shirt won him the other £1500 cash prize. He says: "It was a great photo taken by my friend in a gig, and it reminded me of The Clash album cover. Let's have it in black and white with the t-shirt yellow! The ace Ed Moore did the rest."

Tom Parry: Yellow T-shirt. Tom Parry

Tom Parry: Yellow T-shirt

To view all the entries in this year's awards, and find out more about the contest, visit www.comedyposterawards.co.uk

Published: Tuesday 18th August 2015

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