Chris Dangerfield: Sex Tourist

  • Stand-up
  • 5:45pm (50 mins)
  • 6-26 Aug 2012
  • The Hive
  • Free
Chris Dangerfield: Sex Tourist.

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My name is Chris Dangerfield and I went to Thailand for a seven-week sex holiday. It didn't go according to plan. Whores, drugs, guns, anal issues, ladyboys, occasional crying. I'm a child trapped in a sex pest's body. 'I love Dangerfield: he's got something special' ( 'A much needed breath of vulgarity' (Julian Clary). 'Absolutely hilarious' (Mackenzie Crook). 'A very, very amusing fellow' (Will Self). 'Original, surreal, filthy, confrontational and really, really funny' (Alex Zane). This show is free.

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I went to Thailand for seven weeks to become a sex tourist but things didn't go entirely to plan. I overdosed on Viagra, shot a 9mm Browning at some naked children, lost an ounce of methamphetamine in my anal canal, bodged a home enema, fell in love, and cried. There was some sex. For 20 years I was an intravenous heroin/crack addict. I was four years clean of all mood-altering chemicals before this bizarre turn of events.

This show is sponsored by Escorts In Edinburgh - if you take my flyer you'll receive a 10% discount. How nice of them, and me of course, for organising it.