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Little Britain. Image shows from L to R: Matt Lucas, David Walliams. Copyright: BBC / Little Britain Productions.

Little Britain

Matt Lucas and David Walliams take a comic look at British life in this character-based sketch series

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  • Monday 28th May 2018, 5:54pm
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Quote: Michael Monkhouse @ 27th May 2018, 2:02 PM

I'm not sure which is funnier: this sketch or the comments on it.

Yes very good although I can't be arsed to read all the comments. So well observed like most of Little Britain which is NOT racist!


Michael Monkhouse

  • Tuesday 29th May 2018, 10:08am
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F**k, that's two people who've agreed with me in 45 years. The comments are what you'd expect and honestly, there are only so many times you can have the same conversation (unless it's about Melanie C's shoulders).
The sketch is a tad longer than usual as it didn't make the final show - the ones that do get edited. Same for 'correct' which is a lost gem.



  • Thursday 31st May 2018, 4:31pm
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I'm growing increasingly frustrated at the blatant bias of the BBB towards me as a white, middle aged man in their comedy. I can listen to Hancock, Round the Horne without any malice being made in the name of politics or comedy - it was fun. Are we seriously taking offence at Hancock assuming a Doctor Mac (whoever) lapsing into a Scots accent to which Doc replies, "We're not all Rob Roys"; or the Scots fella playing the flute in his hotel (Little Britain); or Goodness Gracious Me poking fun at the English ("Going out for an English").
I now see the BBC output as deliberately political - comedians only given airtime if they constantly snipe at the "thick, uneducated, Brexit voters. Or we somehow priviliged because of our whiteness.. I actually feel like the persecuted and being racially slurred at the moment. This is how intolerant we have all become and comedy has suffered as a consequence.