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At least he died happy.

Not sure the 4th position has any medical validity.
It's just there to make sure you're bloody careful not to give yourself an electric shock in th first place.

I'm saying nothing about gender...................1953

Larry Parks, I love the minimalist cartoonists.

Great cartoonist, but that one's crap.


I'm not having a go a ladies, honest. It's just the way they are in my system................

Know this cartoonist beaky?

I don't, Herc. Like the style though, a little like Andre Francois.

Found him! :D But not much info.

Francis Minet aka PAV


With the recent plethora of progs about putting old farts on a canal boat for entertainment on TV, this one from Larry made me chuckle.

Yeah, it's good that one.

From 1959


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