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Newsjack Series 24 - Feb/Mar 2021 Page 11

Newsjack. Copyright: BBC.


Topical satirical sketch show on Radio 4 Extra. The programme has an 'open door' policy allowing anyone to submit material



  • Wednesday 24th March 2021, 1:15am
  • United Kingdom
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Quote: wwwwwh @ 21st March 2021, 9:51 AM

The one above was read out on the recording. Maybe if you get the good email they don't bother to tell you about the "nearly".

Oh really. Thanks for that wwwwwh! I applied for tickets and failed..



  • Saturday 27th March 2021, 3:10pm
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Hi, has anyone who got on this series been sent the contributor payment form yet?
I gave them my details last series when I got a one-liner on so not sure if I have to email them again for this series or if you only need to do it once so they have you in their system.