What are you reading?

So here's the ungodly bastard lovechild of the classic What are you listening to now? and, erm, Toilet Literature threads.

What are you reading at the moment? Be honest.

I'll start off by saying that although I'm trying to work my way through numerous tomes, the main two are presently:
London: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd and Underground London: Travels Beneath the City Streets by Stephen Smith.

Next one up (well, next interruption anyway) will of course be JKR's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So, anyone else?

'Orson Welles-Hello Americans', the second part of Simon Callows three volume biography of the great man.

I'll admit, I don't read many books. I find it very hard to keep focus, maybe I need glasses? But I read the first pages very enthusiastically and then think, "I can't be f**king bothered, I'll watch the film!"

It's annoying, me being a writer, I need to read books to learn the different techniques, but it's just not happening lately.

Up until recently I was a Pro Wrestling fan :D (let's not have that discussion now) So my answer would be, the Ric Flair Biography 'To Be the Man' or something?. I'm half way through reading it, I took a brake from it, about May last year.

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Murakami.

Brave New World - Aldois Huxley
Guderian's World War 2 memoirs
Cannabalism in the Car - Mark Twain

This thread!

I'm like Leevil though. Don't seem to be able to make time to read. I'm halfway through "Me Moir" - Vic Reeves autobiograhy which I started reading in January.

The five people you meet in Heaven.

Oscar Wilde Biog'.

Quote: David Chapman @ July 6, 2007, 11:36 PM

I'm halfway through "Me Moir" - Vic Reeves autobiograhy which I started reading in January.

Me too!

And this, again...


Willy Russell's "The Wrong Boy" Eh By Gum tis a lovely read on't patio wit a nice chilled Rose and some mint match makers. I'd get ev-ry-one on it if i owned a book shop... by the words just take breath away.

i am reading the god delusion by Richard Dawkins at the moment, it is quite interesting.

'Six Not-So-Easy Pieces' by Richard Feynman...

"Wuthering Heights"- Emily Bronte- 'cos Im *that* cool

A thriller called Good News Bad News.

Next will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

can't wait for new harry potter book either lol