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In the late 70's my father had a 6th share in a flat racehorse (he said he owned a leg)
The trainer told the owners that it was 'catching pigeons but I had no clue what that meant.
It was a 2-year-old and won its first race (5f) easily. (they made a packet)
It was the favourite for its next races but came nowhere.
Then the trainer told my father it 'was going in' at Windsor tonight.
He and the other owners had a day off work and caught the train to Windsor.
No night bookies in those days or online betting, they had to turn up at the course with cash and get it on before the odds fell.
He told me it was like a military operation. They each approached a different course bookie at the exact same time and got 10/1
Then they moved down the line getting diminishing odds as they went.
It won and they all came home with carrier bags full of money.
The story got in the local papers as half the town had money on it.

The last time I went on Pokerstars I played a pointless $2 hold em tournament and lost because there was so much blatant collusion. Out of frustration I then blew my entire remaining $19 bankroll on roulette so am now going to close the account. People openly calling and folding just to help keep friends in the tournament and no-one to stop it from happening. The only way to report it is via email which takes days or weeks to get a reply which isn't much use when the tournament has already concluded. From now on the only time I play poker will be real life £20 freezeouts or if I set up a Betfair account. That site looks much more responsible for poker.

Actually, collusion in tournaments is pretty hard to do.
If 6 of us sat in the same room, each playing on our phones in the same tourny, the chances of being on the same table is remote.
They have strict rules about collusion and check IP.s and areas besides betting patterns.
If someone set up a collusion ring, it would not be in a 2 dollar tourny.
The truth is, at 2 dollars, most are very bad players and don't care about losing their 30 bob so do stupid bets.

Free bet on Sky today in the 13:30 at Cheltenham. (not checked if it's all week but it usually is)
They have reduced the maximum bet to £5 - but all the same, if your horse loses, you are credited it back into your account as cash - not a free £5 bet.
It's a no-lose situation.

And BetMGM had a maximum £20 bet, money back - but if you lose, you get a free bet to the value of your original bet.
And if you use your free bet (and it wins) - you don't get your stake back??

But it was all irrelevant as the UK site was down all through Cheltenham. Nobody could log in.
Chris Rock was in every advert break for BetMGM telling us how great they are.
Their Twitter feed (ok X) was full of punters telling them how shit they are.

I think I might risk a fiver on Putin to win the Russian general election this week

I was looking at the WIlliam hill promotions section and found 5 free 10p spins on some Pirhana slot game
Played them and then thought I'd carry on and have another 5 spins or so with my own 50p
ended up triggering the bonus game and winning £76 quid

Which was nice

Quote: Billy Bunter @ 7th November 2023, 1:52 PM

The Sporting Index website and app were closed yesterday for a scheduled "major upgrade". On re-appearing this morning it appears that they have merged with Spreadex and all their markets and prices are now identical. Not a word from either company to their clients. So apparently only one option for placing spread bets now.

Halfway down page 5 of today's Racing Post:


Hmm, I think betting with each way accas, perms etc. is complicated enough without spread betting confusing me even more. Added to that the bewildering (to me) array of form and handicap weighting stats with horse racing and it can make placing a simple bet quite daunting.

As someone whose only luck with flutters has been on the sport of cricket I read about 10/15 years back this was the best sport for spread betting, backed up by none other than hero Sir Beefy promoting it. And with my occasional knack for predicting run totals, this looked just the thing for me so I looked into how to place a spread bet on an England test match. What he didn't mention was that you need a PHD in applied mathematics to be able to do it, so obviously I still haven't placed one. 😠

It's 10/1 I have a Dairylea sandwich for lunch and evens I have potted meat.
Spread betting.

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 6th April 2024, 12:21 PM

It's 10/1 I have a Dairylea sandwich for lunch and evens I have potted meat.
Spread betting.

No, that's Bread Betting.

What is all this fuss about insider betting on the day of the Election? The whole Gambling Industry is corrupt. Who gets harmed? Only the Bookies and who really gives a toss about them?

You'd at least get your mate to put the bet on for you.

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 27th June 2024, 7:24 PM

You'd at least get your mate to put the bet on for you.

But what if you are Billy No Mates............😢

Quote: Hercules Grytpype Thynne @ 28th June 2024, 7:51 AM

But what if you are Billy No Mates............😢

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