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Perhaps you are right, which once again proves my experience in this field.

Quote: Steve Sunshine @ 15th February 2024, 2:08 PM

I think he was talkimng about Roullette. "Roulette" is a gambling game where players place bets on numbers, colors, or other options, and then a roulette wheel--a large spinning wheel--is spun. A ball is thrown into the wheel during this time and lands in one of the marked pockets, determining winners and losers. And as for it's not a game but rather a website that helps players analyze payment methods. Here, you can find plenty of tips on how to withdraw money efficiently.

Does anyone use a proxy for betting?

What do you mean by proxy betting ? That term is used in UK law to refer to illegal betting or voting (i.e. using someone else's account). But you can legally avoid stamp duty by "spread betting" on stocks and shares, as you're not buying the shares and gambling wins are tax free. Just google "FTX bitcoin" to get an idea of the risk of using unregulated "proxy" companies.

I use poxy betting.
Especially if I lose.

I sense a link incoming.


Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 19th February 2024, 2:52 PM

I use poxy betting.
Especially if I lose.


Quote: nitros @ 19th February 2024, 12:57 PM

Does anyone use a proxy for betting? I read that it might have advantages, but it would be great to find out real people's experiences first.


Can't help noticing there's usually a few goals involved in games involving one or more of Fylde and/or Partick Thistle. Just saying...

Quote: nitros @ 19th February 2024, 12:57 PM

Does anyone use a proxy for betting? I read here [URL Removed] that it might have advantages like avoiding getting banned from bookmaker sites, enabling seamless management of multiple accounts, ensuring higher anonymity and safety, etc. I'm thinking about giving it a try, but it would be great to find out real people's experiences first.

It looks like you have edited you post to add a URL, so I was right when I said I sense a link incoming. The first benefit on that link you provided is:

"Buy mobile proxies for betting to avoid getting banned from bookmaker sites".

Why would anyone legitimate promote that kind of service? The fact is they would not. Pure spam.

Are there any top tips for doing Horse racing accas? Like max number to place on, each way or to win, how important are handicaps, age, form and particularly what are best types of race to punt on ie flat or fences. Not having any luck on mine but am quite new to it.

I find the huge variety of all the above factors a bit overwhelming compared to football bets. And I wonder why some of the odds on horses are so different between bookmakers, to me it almost seems like a lottery. Ta for any in advance. Morning.

It's hard enough finding 'one winner with horse racing so acca's are really out of the question.
But multiple choice bets are the way.
A Round Robin (3 horses) is popular or a Yankee (4) or even a Lucky 31 (5)
The advantage is - not all have to win to collect.

Here's a link to the most popular bets, with an explanation of how they work.

😵Thirty types of bets!!! Don't know if that's helped or made it harder. 🤔 But great link ta, I've saved the page to refer to when needed. You've answered my main question, minimal number of bets is best, possibly just low odds safe bet singles but with higher stakes to get anything back, which was what I was beginning to think myself, after an unfruitful few months of occasional 5 to 7 fold e/w accas. I had one 7 fold win which didn't pay out much on a £1 stake. Horses are a bit less predictable than footballers it seems.

There's also another advantage/disadvantage.
Don't do what silly Stephen did.

You can cash out early to guarantee a return.

I had a £1 Yankee (£15) and the first 3 won. I looked at 'cash out and I could have £110.
As my last horse was 10/1, greed got the better of me.
You know the rest..............yep, it won.

Quote: Stephen Goodlad @ 3rd March 2024, 11:17 AM

It's hard enough finding 'one winner with horse racing so acca's are really out of the question.

I would totally agree with that. Maybe if you strongly fancy two or three short priced favourites (less than 2/1 say), which, if you backed them singly and only one wins you'd still lose overall, you might combine them in a double, treble or trixie but certainly no more.

Otherwise I would always go for a yankee or lucky 15 if you're looking for an accumulative bet. With a Lucky 15 you get paid out double (or even treble with Betfred on-line) the odds if you have just one winner so you save on having to back them as singles as well.

Because, if you have three winners in a yankee or a "Lucky", you've already got a fair amount coming back, I would argue that you don't need to think about cashing out. You can sit back and watch the 4th leg comfortable in the knowledge that you've already got a fair return guaranteed. Whereas with a straight accumulator it's all or nothing so you have got the dilemma about cashing out. (I realise Stephen's preceding post contradicts that view.) Shortly after I retired I had a 50p lucky 63 (six selections - total cost £31.50). Only four won but I still won £11,600. With that amount in the bag, I didn't need to think about cashing out at any stage. Never won that much before or since.

Wow, 11 & 1/2 gees on one bet, you've got me interested now. That'll probably just about recover what the bastards have taken off me, especially skybet.

Yes Yankees and lucky 15s are good
and easy to do

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