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  • Friday 9th March 2018, 9:44am
  • Oregon USA, United States
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I got round to renting the filmed show. I can't sum it up iadequately in my own words. Maybe not everyone's sort of thing, but I was captivated and loved every minute of it. Very moving storytelling. The way he can take a string of a few words and bring to life a memory or a character and make that character make you feel something very real without any warning. The structure of it is very novel, and flows beautifully. Everything about it is well-orchestrated. I'm rewatching it for a 3rd time right now. Trying to make a graph of it. It's gotten very complicated. The only thing I'm pretty certain about is that the girl lived to be 67 and the man lived to be 76. I have no idea what, if anything that means. Probably nothing. I have theories about the positions of the hanging lights and the chair and the ladder, but I think...I probably just should be sleeping.

I laughed 47 times, cried almost twice, and laughed until I cried zero times (Had to be thorough. Sitcomfan will get it. : The rest of you need to chance a fiver on this recording. It's very much worth it!)



  • Sunday 13th January 2019, 5:56pm
  • England
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Has anyone else managed to get tickets to Kitson's latest show at Battersea 'Keep'? I saw it today. OK I am biased as I love Kitson but it was great. A bit rambling, could have used a bit of a trim but his astonishing turn of phrase is ever present.