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Agreed, that's what they initially said.
But then, the very next day, they kicked him off MOD.
Something/someone persuaded them to change their position.

I agree I think Bojo used his man at the top of BBC towers to take away the potential Sunak headline. This could be more to do with the Tory civil war than the faux outrage whipped up by the Daily Maul et al.

I dunno if politicians like Johnson necessarily leant on them, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Gibb or Sharp that intervened, deeming the exec/producer's (whoever) chat with Lineker not enough.

I mean, I half agree with Teddy there, it's taken attention from Sunak's deal, haha. But the tories (and like Labour before them with Dyke and that other bloke - can't remember his name, he was some ex-Goldman Sachs guy) have their men in there. No word from politicians necessary.

Beeb do tend to be beholden to whoever's in government, in fear of losing the licence fee I presume. If you've seen the controversy with Fiona Bruce this week (brushing off Stanley Johnson's beating of his wife as a 'one off'), and her previous on QT, she's quick to intervene when there's criticism of the government, and cuts off Labour/other opposition MPs.

On the more amusing side, Comedians are banned from Laura Kuennsberg's show (thanks to Joe Lycett, heh) despite the show meaning to have people from all sorts of public view on there - now it's just MPs/MSPs going on there.

Anyway in the end it's all gone a bit Streisand effect.

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How do you quote someone on this forum?

No idea

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No idea

Beats the hell outta me

The UK has lost over 400 swimming pools since the Tories came to power.
In other news: Rishi Sunak has had the electricity grid upgraded so he can heat his.

Why wouldn't he ? After all its a banana republic now where the national TV news spouts what the leader wants and where the plebs are running round chasing scapegoats. Meanwhile his cabinet steal the people taxes and his foreign policy is to ignore every neighbouring country.

I think we should save the taxpayer a few bob and let Nadhim Zahawi's horses have a swim in Rishi's heated pool.

Thats both funny and sad as everyone knows what they are doing but no one seems to be able to stop them. Sunak said he used his own money , presumably the dough he made when Brexit kicked the shit out of us.


Obviously that odious slug Mike graham on talk tv has spent the last few days whinging about Lineker and his inappropriate language

Whilst 'off mic' yesterday he was heard calling the Mayor of London, a "c**t"


Had anybody heard of Silicon Valley Bank before?

Not till now.

i think it pretty exclusively dealt wit tech sector, start-ups and venture capital-funded operations.
Was about to go bust - BoE had ordered its insolvency - now we're rescuing it, as a lot of fledgling companies might have gone under.
Not a good look, so I can understand their thinking.

In Hollywood, you cannot say "actress" anymore for a female actor - YET "The actor who has won the Best Actress award is................."

If that isn't double-speak, I don't know what is.

What a load of utter bollocks, as it falls flat on its face in a heap of hypocritical wokery.

"You can't even say actress anymore. The proof is that there's an Oscar for best actress."