Walk Like A Panther.

Walk Like A Panther

2018 British comedy film about wrestlers. Stars Stephen Graham, Dave Johns, Jill Halfpenny, Sue Johnston, Lindsey Coulson and others.

Press Clippings

Walk Like A Panther ends up struggling on the ropes

Walk Like A Panther pitches itself as a kind of Full Monty for the world of wrestling but that intention is as far as the comparison can really go.

Ross Miller, The National, 10th March 2018

Walk Like a Panther review

Stephen Graham and Dave Johns clearly put an immense amount of time and effort into perfecting their father/son relationship, with some incredibly touching scenes midway through the second act. This does of course come unsurprisingly, since the two men have vast previous history working on big budget pictures and series that have been nominated for major awards. But it does appear that a large amount of the film's weight is carried by the two actors.

Guy Lambert, The Upcoming, 10th March 2018

Walk Like a Panther review

Old-fashioned and predictable British comedy that tries and fails to emulate The Full Monty.

Allan Hunter, The List, 7th March 2018

Walk Like a Panther review

The World of Sport type British wrestling gets a workout but despite its likeable and entertaining cast there just aren't enough laughs.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 6th March 2018

Filming underway on wrestling comedy Walk Like A Panther

Filming is underway on Walk Like A Panther, a new comedy film about a group of 80s wrestlers who come out of retirement. Stephen Graham and Dave Johns star.

British Comedy Guide, 31st May 2017