School For Scoundrels. Image shows from L to R: Henry R. Palfrey (Ian Carmichael), Mr. S. Potter (Alastair Sim). Copyright: Guardsman Films
School For Scoundrels

School For Scoundrels

  • 1960 film

Comedy about a born loser who enrols at the College of Lifemanship and learns how to charm and ease his way to the top with the minimum of effort. Stars Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Janette Scott, Alastair Sim, Dennis Price and more.

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School For Scoundrels trivia

School For Scoundrels is based on the novels Gamesmanship, Oneupmanship and Lifemanship, by Stephen Potter.

Director Robert Hamer was replaced by Cyril Frankel half-way through filming, as it became evident that Hamer was suffering from a severe alcohol addiction.

Although uncredited, Peter Ustinov wrote the original script for School For Scoundrels based on Potter's books, which was then further refined and adapted by Patricia Moyes and producer Hal E. Chester.

The car salesmen, Dunstan and Dudley, are based on Ustinov's radio series In All Directions (1952 - 1955), which he co-wrote and co-starred in with Peter Jones, appearing as shady businessmen Maurice and Dudley.

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