School For Scoundrels. Image shows from L to R: Henry R. Palfrey (Ian Carmichael), Mr. S. Potter (Alastair Sim). Copyright: Guardsman Films
School For Scoundrels

School For Scoundrels

  • 1960 film

Comedy about a born loser who enrols at the College of Lifemanship and learns how to charm and ease his way to the top with the minimum of effort. Stars Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Janette Scott, Alastair Sim, Dennis Price and more.

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Press clippings

Robert Hamer's last film, made as his alcoholism was taking a heavy toll, lacks the delicious wickedness of earlier works, such as Kind Hearts And Coronet, but there's much to enjoy. Based on Stephen Potter's bestselling books Gamesmanship, Oneupmanship and Lifemanship, it stars Ian Carmichael as the naive Palfrey, who joins Alastair Sim's College of Lifemanship to turn the tables on his oppressors: a snooty waiter, a pair of secondhand car swindlers and, worst of all, tennis cheat Terry-Thomas, who has stolen his girlfriend.

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 7th May 2016

DVD/Blu-ray review: School For Scoundrels (1960)

There is plenty to charm here in this adaptation of Stephen Potter's now largely forgotten Gamesmanship books.

Chris Hallam, Chris Hallam's World View, 14th September 2015

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