Carry On At Your Convenience. Image shows from L to R: Vic Spanner (Kenneth Cope), Willie (Geoffrey Hughes), Sid Plummer (Sid James). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions
Carry On At Your Convenience

Carry On At Your Convenience

  • 1971 film

Sid James plays Sid Plummer, a works foreman struggling to bridge the gap between an unreasonable, strike-happy shop steward and a naive manager's son. Stars Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques and more.

Carry On At Your Convenience trivia

Both Terry Scott and Bill Pertwee filmed roles in the movie - as the union boss and nightclub owner respectively - but were cut from the final edit.

Bernard Bresslaw lied to producer Peter Rogers, telling him he could ride a motorbike; one scene involving him bringing the bike to a standstill and Kenneth Cope (Vic) hopping off took almost 20 takes to complete.

Working titles for the film included Carry On Comrade and Carry On Round The Bend.

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