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I am a writer of comedy and humourous verse. I have written many sketches and have had some of these performed at Leicester Square Theatre and The Albany Theatre. I have won several competitions on Channel 4's 4Laughs site and finished in the top twelve in the worldwide Yobilaugh sketch competition. I also won the London Sketchfest 2015 and won a script consultation with Andrew Ellard. Due to this victory I was selected to become part of a sketch writing monthly meetup group at the BBC. I have also had material appear in the comedy mag 'Mustard', had a sitcom trailer made by a production company and had a 'Liff' published in John Lloyd and Jon Canter's 'Afterliff' book. I am currently writing a couple of sitcom pilots which have garnered interest from Production companies. In 2018 I published my first book The Otterfox Almanac of Silly Rhymes.

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