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Hi, I'm Mark. I founded British Comedy Guide in the early 2000s. Over the last 15+ years - alongside Aaron, Ian and a number of other contributors - I have worked on the site to build up this guide of over 1 million pages. It's gone from being a part time hobby into something that's taken over my life a bit in the last couple of years!

My absolute favourite British comedy of all time is Fawlty Towers - I was given the show on VHS when I was young and it was a total revelation. I'd never seen anything properly hilarious before. I instantly became a comedy fan and began the process of seeking out other sitcoms straight away. After a while, I decided to try and catalogue things... and eventually that list became this website (obviously not all the guides you see on the site now are written by me though - a brilliant team of contributors help curate a lot of the content nowadays).

I also love live comedy too, and see 100+ shows a year. I like all genres, from silly family-friendly one-liner comics in a nice theatre to something dark and surreal that's lurking in a dank Edinburgh basement.

If you've got any questions or feedback about the site, do get in touch! I can be contacted via

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