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Rhys Thompson asks why few comedy programmes are being made, while repeats continue to be enjoyed by millions.

Written by Rhys Thompson., 28th March 2015

"How many of you are Muslim?" the comedian asks the 400 pupils sitting excitedly in the school hall. More than half raise their hands. "Guys," he shouts, "we can take over! We can free the white people!"

Written by Greg Hurst. The Times, 28th March 2015

Chain Reaction

This enduring Radio 4 show is one of those excellent ideas that seems glaringly obvious once someone else has thought of it. The basic concept is a hostless chat show; an initial guest chooses a sparring partner who, the following week, chooses another, and so it goes on in a cheerful human centipede of chat. This series began with Adam Buxton talking to Reece Shearsmith and has passed through a range of comedy luminaries, including Vic Reeves and Sharon Horgan.

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 28th March 2015

A 'professional conman" scammed £5,300 from six people shortly after being released from jail for pocketing money intended for a young boy with cancer. Peter Stead has in the past been convicted for claiming he was the brother of Peter Kay.

Derby Telegraph, 28th March 2015

They're the films everyone loves. Now we give you an exclusive peek at the long-lost photos that languished in an archive for 50 years.

Written by Brian Viner. Mail Online, 27th March 2015

Inside No. 9

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton are exceptional storytellers, their writing is ingenious, incisive and full of telling detail. The intricacies in their work are deployed to tell a good story & tell it as well as possible.

Dodo's Words, 27th March 2015

Inside No. 9

They'll perhaps never again create anything with the impact of The League of Gentlemen, which changed the television landscape back in 1999 (inspiring a wave of twisted comedies like Nighty Night, while challenging the very idea of what a BBC comedy could look like), but Inside No. 9 is nevertheless a brilliant anthology show that sees former-League members Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton channel their gift for the macabre into fresh weekly stories.

Written by Dan Owen. Dan's Media Digest, 27th March 2015

An article about how Stewart Lee's attempts on televising more alternative comedy on Comedy Central are losing out to more mainstream comics like Russell Howard.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 27th March 2015

Raised By Wolves

There's a lovely moment when the show pulls a reverse-Pretty Woman as the two store assistants welcome the fragile and nervous Yoko with open arms.

Written by Andrew Allen. Cult Box, 27th March 2015


Jeremy Clarkson's ignominious exit from the BBC has claimed another casualty - nothing to do with Top Gear but a running gag in BBC Two's satirical comedy about the corporation, W1A.

Written by Tara Conlan and John Plunkett. The Guardian, 27th March 2015

In And Out Of The Kitchen

But the biggest point of interest, for me anyway, was how the gay couple at the centre of the action would be portrayed.

Written by Ian Hawkins. Chortle, 27th March 2015

Tasked with keeping the audience entertained during an advert break, Sky News host Kay Burley asked Cameron could sing. The Prime Minister said no -- but revealed he does sing "Ernie" in the shower, a comic ditty about a milkman by legendary British comedian Benny Hill.

Written by Rob Price. Business Insider UK, 27th March 2015

The broadcaster talks about his mother, who was in an asylum for much of his childhood, and realising that he too had bipolar disorder.

Written by Angela Wintle. The Guardian, 27th March 2015

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction; an ingenious little show that's been bubbling away on radio's equivalent of People's Friend magazine for years.

Written by Rob Gilroy. Giggle Beats, 27th March 2015

The Bad Education Movie

Shooting for a feature movie began on Tuesday at Pembroke Castle under the working title Rosebud - The Movie. However, fans have been quick to second guess that the filming is for a feature length version of the popular BBC Three sitcom Bad Education.

Tenby Today, 27th March 2015


This knockabout episode sees Common Sense Party leader Aunty Brenda on the hustings facing dodgy bookie Iwan Jenkins and a joke candidate resembling El Macho from Despicable Me 2. Looking like a superannuated Yellowcoat from Hi-de-Hi!, Brenda goes wading in with her hobnail boots. So Michael, as much to curry favour with Stella as anything else, offers a few lessons in diplomacy. But he'll need to work hard - Iwan Jenkins is all free pens, pie-in-the-sky promises and Rocky music blaring over the tannoy.

Young Ben, meanwhile, has a disastrous first date with Lily, and Bobby has one of those consoling confabs with lost soul Paula (make the most of her!). It's cheesier than Caerphilly, and similarly irresistible.

Mark Braxton, The Radio Times, 27th March 2015

Five years ago Tony Hawks was living the bachelor life in London, pursuing a TV, radio and stand-up career, writing books and appearing on shows like Have I Got News For You and Just A Minute. Today, he's living in rural Devon with his partner Fran and their one-year-old son Arlo, and while broadcasting is still high on his agenda, the move has given him plenty of humorous material for his new book, Once Upon A Time In The West... Country.

Plymouth Herald, 27th March 2015

Matt Berry chats to us about his voice work in the new Spongebob Squarepants movie, House Of Fools, music, and Toast Of London...

Written by Rob Smedley. Den of Geek, 27th March 2015

Inside No. 9

Toilet humour with a twist - Pemberton and Shearsmith are in a different league.

Written by Ellen E. Jones. The Independent, 27th March 2015

Inside No. 9

I'm sure I'll be crucified - probably quite rightly - but I don't love Inside No 9.

Written by Sam Wollaston. The Guardian, 27th March 2015

Cradle To Grave

Peter Kay has gone back in time for a new period drama in Salford. The Bolton born comedian was spotted in a retro Seventies costume this afternoon surrounded by a team of extras as they took over the Eccles Liberal Club.

Written by Abigail O'Leary. Manchester Evening News, 26th March 2015

Inside No. 9

Despite starting off with a succession of fart jokes (while I too have a childish sense of humour - fart jokes? Come on...) Inside No. 9 remains resolutely a comedy and the cast mined their cramped surroundings for laughs.

Written by Chris Bennion. The Custard, 26th March 2015


Surreal and disturbed meets goading and diabolical as Julia Davis and Marc Wootton play a series of couples in therapy.

Written by Priya Elan. The Guardian, 26th March 2015

Inside No. 9

But here's the thing: the two creators of Inside No. 9 are simply too good writers to be satisfied with simple fart jokes. More than that - and this is a separate point, though clearly related - they always make their scripts work very hard with every single line.

Written by Andrew Allen. Cult Box, 26th March 2015

Inside No. 9

Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton gave us a ruthless dissection of human foibles, from an attempt to open a zip as quietly as possible to, well, murder.

Written by Gabriel Tate. The Telegraph, 26th March 2015

Inside No. 9

Spattered with gags both smart and puerile - suicide and explosive diarrhoea have rarely gone hand in hand in such a climatic finale - and rounded off with the sort of smart, subversive closing moments Inside No. 9 has become known for, La Couchette is perhaps more accessible than some of its previous bedfellows, and a solid opening to a very welcome series.

Written by Nic Wright. Giggle Beats, 26th March 2015

Inside No. 9

This is classy TV, a cracking start to an anthology, in which each episode offers fresh delights unlike the last. Bring on No 2 in this bunch of No 9s.

Written by Steve Bennett. Chortle, 26th March 2015

Toast Of London

After two series writing and playing a bellowing actor in Toast of London, you might think that Matt Berry would be running out of excruciating scenarios - but you couldn't be further from the truth.

Written by Huw Fullerton. The Radio Times, 26th March 2015

Actor/comedian Billy Connolly is to be honoured for his love of his native Scotland next month (Apr15) during the Tartan Week celebrations in New York., 26th March 2015

Inside No. 9

Ben Dowell meets Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton to discuss the return of their unsettling "comedy".

Written by Ben Dowell. The Radio Times, 26th March 2015



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