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David Walliams notched up his fourth consecutive week atop the Official UK Top 50. Awful Auntie shifted 37,903 print units.

Written by Tom Tivnan. The Bookseller, 21st October 2014

The IT Crowd

The Americans want to reboot the series for a remake (again). Oh dear. Here are seven reasons why we calculate this plan is doomed to fail...

Written by Chris Hallam. Metro, 21st October 2014

Dad's Army

Don't panic Dad's Army fans - the recruits for the new film based on the classic BBC sitcom look like they will fall in perfectly in these first set pics.

The Mirror, 21st October 2014

Bad Education

Although creator and star Jack Whitehall hasn't confirmed whether school's out forever at Abbey Grove, tonight's series three finale ties things up nicely just in case. With their GCSEs over, Form K have some important decisions to make about their futures, as does their tutor Alfie (Whitehall), who has decided that he can't carry on at the school without them. With headteacher Fraser (Mathew Horne) in bits at his resignation, can Gulliver and Form K get Alfie to the prom and perhaps back to the classroom?

Hannah J. Davies, The Guardian, 21st October 2014

Anyone who seriously thinks that 'revolution' is still something sexy and exciting clearly doesn't know how to type the words 'Libya' or 'Somalia' into Google News for a more realistic glimpse of what places actually look like.

Written by Justin Quirk. Digital Spy, 20th October 2014

Bad Education

"We always wanted to make it a little bit more dramatic. I feel like I have to work harder to do that kind of acting than I do sort of just pratting around so it was more challenging and also genuinely quite sad."

Written by Ellie Walker-Arnott. Radio Times, 20th October 2014

Peep Show

Channel 4 will finally wave goodbye to David Mitchell and Robert Webb as Mark Corrigan and Jeremy "Jez" Usbourne with series nine at the end of next year.

Written by Ben Dowell. The Radio Times, 20th October 2014

Psychedelic partners-in-crime Noel Fielding and Serge Pizzorno talk croquet, Glastonbury - and rock'n'roll vs broccoli.

Written by Noel Fielding and Serge Pizzorno. The Big Issue, 20th October 2014

Dapper Laughs: On The Pull

Dapper Laughs has announced his 2015 tour. The 'Full Length Tour' will bring the Vine star's comedy stylings to 12 cities in February next year, including Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham and Oxford.

Written by Katy Finbow. Digital Spy, 20th October 2014

Bad Robots

Sir Michael Gambon has been confirmed as the voice of the eponymous vengeful robot in E4's brand-new hidden camera show from Objective Productions, Bad Robots.

Channel 4 Press, 20th October 2014

The Jonathan Ross Show

Wossy said he was "delighted" to extend his current deal, which has seen 7 series of The Jonathan Ross Show produced in three years for ITV, being extended by another two series.

Written by Rob Leigh. The Daily Mirror, 20th October 2014

Actress Lynda Bellingham, famous for long-running role as mother in Oxo TV adverts, dies in husband's arms after battle with cancer.

Written by Ben Lawrence. The Telegraph, 20th October 2014

Room 101

Dapper gent and general man-about-town Paul McDermott has begun production for new light entertainment show Room 101.

Rip It Up, 20th October 2014

The Sunny

If the BBC want to avoid more noisy protests at Pacific Quay - from me, and whoever else will join me - they'll give The Sunny a full series.

Written by Julie McDowall. The Herald, 20th October 2014

Not Going Out

Now in its seventh series, Mack employs the same formula with his slacker namesake still struggling to navigate through his everyday life. This first episode sees Lee emasculated as he fails to prevent a gang of youths from mugging Lucy (Sally Breton). Lee's shame sees him enrol in boxing classes before taking on a fight against an opponent who humiliates him once again. I believe that the problem with modern day sitcoms is that they spend so long coming up with a premise that they forget their key purpose it to make people laugh. Not Going Out provoked at least four or five big bell laughs during its thirty minute running time and I can't say that about too many other comedies. Although he's no actor, Mack's strength is in his delivery and he makes the far-fetched nature of the plot feel somewhat believable. His line about knitting thieves was particularly clever as was his banter with the receptionist at the boxing gym. As the straight man of the partnership, I don't believe Breton gets the credit she deserves as she sets Mack up for his jokes beautifully. As ditzy Daisy, Katy Wix is used sparingly and as a result doesn't feel as overused as she did in the sitcom's previous outing. After a tricky sixth series, it feels that all three principle players have now learnt to cope without Tim Vine and I believe that this is one of the strongest episodes of Not Going Out that I've seen for a while. Although I'm not sure that I'll find all ten instalments as funny as this opener it's still great to see that old-fashioned gag-based comedies are still succeeding in 2014.

The Custard TV, 20th October 2014

Give Out Girls

It's not good news when a programme moves channels before it even airs but that's exactly what happened to sitcom Give Out Girls. Originally planned to be shown on Sky Living it was transferred to Comedy Central which, after watching episode one, was possibly a better fit. Set in the world of promotions Give Out Girls follows the fortunes of four ladies who work for the Hot Staff company. The only character that the sitcom really spends any time with is 29-year-old Marilyn (Kerry Howard); an unreliable schemer who tries her best to do as little work as possible. Thanks to the fantastic performance by the ever-reliable Howard, Marilyn was the only one of Give Out Girls' characters who didn't feel like a cliché. Marilyn's colleagues are the snide beautiful Kiwi Zoe (Mianda Hennessy), fun-loving Welsh girl Poppy (Cariad Lloyd) and the naive Gemma (former X-Factor contestant Diana Vickers). I'm not sure why Hatty Ashdown and Tony MacMurray thought the world of promotions was such a comic minefield because the scenes where the girls were out on the street didn't yield much laughter. In fact the majority of the jokes in Give Out Girls were incredibly tired and included a ridiculous sexual harassment charge as well as Marilyn mistaking a facial mole for an olive. As she proved in Him and Her, Kerry Howard is a fantastic comic actress and I felt she made a potential two-dimensional character into somebody vaguely realistic. Aside from Howard, only Tracey Ann-Oberman as the girls' powersuit wearing boss made an impression. Although Howard and Oberman tried their best, they couldn't save a sitcom that didn't make me laugh once. Based on the evidence in this episode, Kerry Howard deserves much better and I'm hoping her next project is a programme worthy of her considerable comic talent.

The Custard TV, 20th October 2014

House Of Fools

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer's offbeat BBC Two sitcom returns for a new seven-part run later this year, despite rumours the show was to be axed after just one series.

Written by Andrew Dipper. Giggle Beats, 20th October 2014


"The filthy things are things that have happened to me or my friends. They're getting increasingly reluctant to tell me things!"

Halifax Courier, 19th October 2014

Ahead of appearing in stage play Neville's Island in the West End, Ade Edmondson reflects on his life and work, and on the recent deaths of three close friends, including his Young Ones co-star Rik Mayall.

Written by Elizabeth Day. The Observer, 19th October 2014

The Jonathan Ross Show

It looks like Jonathan Ross is gearing up to call time on his famous chat show, and will possibly back away from telly all-together.

Written by Katie Baillie. Metro, 19th October 2014

It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Actor Melvyn Hayes has enjoyed a long screen career but he can't understand the BBC's refusal to repeat the show that made him famous.

Written by Richard Webber. The Telegraph, 19th October 2014

Give Out Girls

The Him & Her and Give Out Girls actor on her TV blockbusters and busted flushes.

Written by Gwilym Mumford. The Guardian, 18th October 2014

Four Lions

Chris Morris' Four Lions, released four years ago, skewers the pointlessness and confusion of wannabe jihadists.

Written by Sophie GIlbert. The Atlantic, 18th October 2014

They say write about what you know, and that is certainly what comedian and writer Katy Brand has done in her debut novel Brenda Monk Is Funny.

Written by Becca Moody. Moody Comedy, 18th October 2014

The Jonathan Ross Show

The presenter makes a return to ITV tonight with his chat show - prepare for awkward questions and just plain rudeness.

Written by Natalie Corner. The Mirror, 18th October 2014

Frank Skinner has been checking out homes to buy in Whitstable, Kent. But his dream of settling there has been scuppered by the 50ft sea monster snapped lurking beneath the waters.

Written by Sam Christie. The Daily Star, 18th October 2014

A new production from Clwyd Theatre Cymru reveals how '40s household names like Arthur Askey and Tommy Handley relocated to Bangor.

Written by Karen Price. Wales Online, 18th October 2014

Scot Squad

Scots comic Jack Docherty tells why No vote in independence could mean comeback for his most famous character McGlashan.

Written by Paul English. The Daily Record, 18th October 2014


We're now more than halfway through the second series of the ancient Rome-set sitcom, which follows the surprisingly still relevant sex and city-based trials and tribulations of Marcus (Tom Rosenthal) and Stylax (Joel Fry). Written by Sam Leifer and Tom Basden - with the latter's sporadic appearances as taunted office water-carrier Aurelius a definite highlight - the show boasts an impressive supporting cast, with this series' cameos including Rosenthal's sport commentator dad Jim and Basden's sometime comedy partner Tim Key.

The Guardian, 18th October 2014

Father Figure

"I think there were just too many bosses, and I was given too many bad directions."

Written by Si Hawkins. British Comedy Guide, 17th October 2014



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