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Brothers With No Game

The journey from YouTube to TV isn't necessarily a long one. All it takes is a good idea, and the guts to take creative and production risks, according to Brothers With No Game commisionning editor Derren Lawford.

BBC Academy, 1st February 2015


The writers of the new BBC comedy Asylum have audaciously claimed that it was NOT inspired by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after all.

Chortle, 1st February 2015

The Now Show

"It's not good for my image but I like cardigan's."

Written by Nick McGrath. The Sunday Express, 1st February 2015

A stand-up comic has been pictured with comedy stars including Phill Jupitus and John Bishop is a convicted paedophile who filmed himself spanking a 15-year-old boy. Russell Haynes, 42, whose Instagram account shows him with a host of stars, spent two years behind bars for indecent assault and possession of hundreds of paedophile pictures.

Written by Damien Gayle. The Mail on Sunday, 1st February 2015

Phoenix Nights

Peter Kay's demented and delightful transfer from TV to stage deserves to bounce back after Ted Robbins's opening night collapse, says Dominic Cavendish.

Written by Dominic Cavendish. The Daily Telegraph, 1st February 2015

Phoenix Nights

It's a parallel that will inevitably be drawn. As the comedy actor Ted Robbins fell to the floor on the opening night of Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights revival, laughter first filled the air, then doubt, then fear. Was he, like Tommy Cooper before him, genuinely in trouble, or was it part of the show?

Written by Alex Hardy. The Sunday Times, 1st February 2015

A profile of Comedians Telling Stuff hosted by London-based Danish stand-up Sofie Hagen.

Time Out London, 1st February 2015

Phoenix Nights

When Ted Robbins collapsed on stage during the opening night of the Phoenix Nights live show, confusion reigned, says Dominic Cavendish.

Written by Dominic Cavendish. The Daily Telegraph, 1st February 2015

Actress Tamsin Greig has said people who have money and contacts will have more opportunities in the performing arts than those who do not. Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr, she said: "It's about opportunity. People who have money and address books are going to have opportunities that a lot of people don't."

Written by Andrew Marr. BBC News, 1st February 2015

Phoenix Nights

Tonight's Phoenix Nights Live show will go ahead tonight after Ted Robbins collapsed on stage.

Written by Carl Greenwood. The Daily Mirror, 1st February 2015

Phoenix Nights

Ted Robbins' wife has appealed for the doctor who saved her husband's life to come forward following his dramatic collapse mid-performance yesterday.

Written by Carl Greenwood & Zoe Shenton. The Daily Mirror, 1st February 2015

Last Tango In Halifax

It's Gillian's wedding day as the series ends, and she won't leave the bathroom. It could be a last-minute fluttering of bride-to-be panic or it could be something deeper.

Of course, this is Last Tango, written by Sally Wainwright, so it's something much deeper than whether that charmless oaf Robbie is really the man for Gillian. And don't go expecting one of those soapy, pragmatic bits of plotting where we are left wondering will she?/won't she? just for the sake of it. Gillian (brilliant Nicola Walker) has much she needs to get off her chest and she offloads on a woman who's become a good friend, Caroline (Sarah Lancashire, also brilliant).

I love the conversations between these two - sometimes hesitant, always revealing, as they share the stuff of their souls. Gillian is weary of being dumped on by her family, while Caroline carefully puts her grief to one side to offer wise counsel.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 1st February 2015


The comic writer has been critically acclaimed in the past for her TV work, but she's only ever flirted with mainstream appeal. Her ribald new romcom, Catastrophe, seems certain to change that.

Written by Elizabeth Day. The Observer, 1st February 2015


The Auf Wiedersehen, Pet star, 63, popped the question to Joan Anderton, 53, last year in Turkey and is now making plans for the big day.

Written by Dan Warburton. The Sunday People, 1st February 2015

Last Tango In Halifax

Like Celia and Alan in Last Tango In Halifax, Colin and Patricia Stevens were childhood sweethearts, torn apart by fate.

The Mirror, 31st January 2015

Phoenix Nights

A performance of comedy Phoenix Nights Live has been cancelled after performer Ted Robbins collapsed on stage.

BBC News, 31st January 2015

Phoenix Nights

We'll be bringing you updates as people head in, during the show itself, and afterwards as the crowd react to the first new Phoenix Nights in years! Warning: May contain spoilers

Written by Lisa Gray & Andrew Stuart. The Manchester Evening News, 31st January 2015

This weekend we're looking at the work of one of Britain's greatest comedy greats.

British Classic Comedy, 31st January 2015

The Morecambe & Wise Show

Back in 1952, former tailor Jimmy Pitts took his then girlfriend, Maria, to see a little known act called Morecambe and Wise.

The Yorkshire Evening Post, 31st January 2015

Graham Linehan likes women. He really likes women. So much so, that he thinks we need rescuing. From ourselves.

Written by Sabrina Lianne. Breitbart, 31st January 2015


Although it manages to keep the smutty/lavatorial humour to a minimum, Jack Whitehall's exuberant reaction to solving an Only Connect puzzle makes Stephen Fry smile. "You've made a happy man very old," he sighs.

Several clips in this compilation of QI highlights have an ocular theme: Phill Jupitus tries on night vision glasses, Alan Davies a peripheral vision aid and Josh Widdecombe "railway spectacles", while Jo Brand reckons her bonnet with a monocle probably belonged to an elderly Dickensian prostitute. Plus there are some terrific "liquid larks" and scientific tricks. The one involving stroking a fake hand gets Sara Pascoe very excited indeed.

Gill Crawford, Radio Times, 31st January 2015

Dad's Army

"Over the years that I've come to know the members of this platoon, I've grown quite fond of them, but I can't help feeling sometimes that I'm in charge of a bunch of idiots." It's not often that Captain Mainwaring is quite so scathing about his platoon, but he's prompted by a classic piece of long-windedness from leering loon Private Frazer. It's a towering moment in the midst of some lightweight field-exercise shenanigans, but you'll enjoy the effete expression from Wilson tanning his face while his captain blethers on, and another brief but heavenly example of under-the-influence acting from Arthur Lowe.

Fans of 70s comedy will enjoy the sight of Dave Allen stooge Michael Sharvell-Martin as the Lieutenant.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 31st January 2015


Ruth Jones says there will be plenty of Welsh phrases to listen out for as Stella returns to our screens on Friday at 9pm.

Daily Post North Wales, 31st January 2015

Horrible Histories

Ben Miller is bringing one of Britain's most loathsome monarchs back to life in Horrible Histories: King John And The Magna Carta.

Written by Vicki Power. The Daily Express, 31st January 2015


Featuring the estimable talents of Sharon Horgan (Pulling) and Rob Delaney, Catastrophe looks the real deal: a properly adult comedy about the big things - relationships, childbirth, etc - that also features the gleefully puerile scene of a drunk woman urinating on a wedding ring. If that sounds like your thing, and really there's no reason why it shouldn't, the opening two episodes are available to view on 4oD.

Rachel Aroesti & Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 31st January 2015

The Keith Lemon Sketch Show

"I don't do impressions," explains Keith, whose creator, comedian Leigh Francis, 41, always gives interviews in character. I don't concern myself with doing the right voice, it's more about my own interpretations of people."

Written by Susanna Galton. The Daily Mirror, 31st January 2015

Phoenix Nights

Everything you need to know about the series before the live shows kick off at Manchester Arena.

Written by Emily Heward. The Manchester Evening News, 30th January 2015

The Last Leg

It could have been a TV disaster waiting to happen - but Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg certainly didn't disgrace himself during his guest appearance on The Last Leg.

Written by Caroline Westbrook. Metro, 30th January 2015

Jesting About

This week, BBC Newcastle announced it would be launching Jesting About 3. As somebody that played a part in both Jesting About 1 (at the time just called Jesting About) and 2, I feel I'm in a good position to voice my opinions on the scheme. Despite the fact, this very website chose to omit me from their list of past candidates who have gone on to achieve great things! I bloody write for them, the dicks.

Written by Rob Gilroy. Giggle Beats, 30th January 2015

The presenter, who has shared his atheist beliefs in the past, told RTÉ's Gay Byrne that God would have to be considered "evil", "monstrous" and "stupid" if he existed.

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 30th January 2015



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