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Comedian Simon Brodkin has reportedly tried (and failed) to enter Fifa president Sepp Blatter's press conference dressed as his Premier League footballer character Jason Bent.

Written by Heather Saul. The Independent, 30th May 2015

Still Game

The cast of Still Game has led tributes to actor Jake D'Arcy, who has died. The Scot was best known for his role as Pete the Jakey in the BBC Scotland sitcom, and for playing the awkward PE teacher in the film Gregory's Girl.

BBC News, 30th May 2015

The John Bishop Show

In the title sequence of his new series, John Bishop drives along in a vintage Ford Cortina, a retro touch that hints at the old-fashioned flavour of the proposition here. It's a comedy-music-acrobatics variety show - presumably aimed at those of us who haven't quite had our fill of variety after a week of Britain's Got Talent live shows.

Mind you, there's a better class of act here: Paul Weller plays his new single, there's improvised music from beatboxer Beardyman, and Trevor Noah - the South African comedian set to succeed Jon Stewart on The Daily Show - does a stand-up set.

David Butcher, The Radio Times, 30th May 2015

Dad's Army

Walmington-on-Sea's Home Guard wasn't in the habit of grappling with the enemy - barrage balloons and ARP wardens, yes, but not the Nazis. People only remember Philip Madoc's surly U-boat captain in The Deadly Attachment. There were other occasions, however, and tonight's was the first. There are even subtitles, the dialogue for which was written by actor Nigel Rideout (here playing a German) - reportedly for an extra £10 in his pay packet!

These were nascent years for the sitcom. It's endearingly low-rent - all the action of an air raid is conveyed by sound effects - and packed with interest: Jones swears at one point and Godfrey rather lets the side down.

Mark Braxton, The Radio Times, 30th May 2015

John Lloyd said that online channels were quick, cheap and allowed creativity to thrive. By contrast, "the TV route to market is so complicated and involves so many layers. Fear drives that whole process, fear of making a mistake."

Written by Mike Wade. The Times, 30th May 2015

Bob Monkhouse: The Million Joke Man

In a new three-part series, Paul O'Grady pays tribute to the extraordinary career of comedian Bob Monkhouse.

Written by Vicki Power. The Daily Express, 30th May 2015

That change was to ring-fence money for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) productions.

Written by Lenny Henry. The New Stateman, 29th May 2015

Author Danny Wallace talks to Rupert Hawksley about panel shows, children's books and the death of political comedy.

Written by Rupert Hawksley. The Daily Telegraph, 29th May 2015

The John Bishop Show

These are busy times for television-friendly comedians. Even though Live at the Apollo is taking a break there seem to be more mainstream openings than ever for those that fancy a bit of exposure. ITV1 has Sunday Night at the Palladium and now BBC One has jumped in a day earlier with The John Bishop Show.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 29th May 2015

From the BBC to Hollywood, Peter Serafinowicz is conquering the comedy world. But nothing's so much fun for him as posting spoof videos online, he tells Alice Jones.

Written by Alice Jones. The Independent, 29th May 2015

Man Down

"I've become the poster child for the geek generation," says the Spaced creator, "and it's not something I want to be"

Written by Craig McLean. The Radio Times, 29th May 2015


It's been a busy week of BBC bashing in the media and it seems anybody and everybody doing so is duty bound to liken everything to a scene from BBC comedy W1A.

Written by Will Sturgeon. The Media Blog, 29th May 2015


Sue Limb's literary parody (sorry, "Rhapsody about Bohemians") is back for a third series. Hitler may be causing trouble in Europe, but for the self-obsessed Bloomsbury artistes life continues uninterrupted. Vita Sackcloth-Vest (Miriam Margolyes) is still hiding her steamy romance with Venus Traduces. Naturally, Venus's unexpected arrival at Sizzlinghurst leads to a sub-Wodehouse imbroglio of fake names and Marxist spies.

There's something charmingly disrespectful about Gloomsbury, particularly Alison Steadman's Ginny Fox character (a merciless send-up of Virginia Woolf). If you're misty-eyed about all things Bloomsbury, and calling DH Lawrence "Dave Lollipop" makes you smile, Gloomsbury is sure to raise a chuckle.

Tristram Fane Saunders, Radio Times, 29th May 2015

The Graham Norton Show

Hang on - a few weeks ago, Miranda Hart appeared on the show to promote her new comedy-action film Spy, and tonight co-stars Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy show up too. Norton must really like that film. McCarthy became a top Hollywood leading woman after her role in Bridesmaids and has signed on to appear as Tinkerbell in a comedy about Peter Pan characters, which sounds promising. Chris Pratt is also invited, to discuss his role in Jurassic World.

Plus there's music from Florence + the Machine (remember them?) and at the comedy end of the sofa, John Bishop, who at the Baftas described the bearded Norton as looking like the love-child of Father Christmas and Louis Walsh. Harsh.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 29th May 2015

Man Up

Lake Bell makes a convincing Limey opposite Simon Pegg in a better-than-most British romcom.

Written by Nigel Andrews. The Financial Times, 28th May 2015

Mock The Week

Mock The Week is celebrating its tenth birthday this month - and as it prepares to return for its 14th series, with a run of 12 episodes starting on June 11, here are 15 random facts about the show.

Chortle, 28th May 2015

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

But to be honest, it's probably for the best.

Written by Rob Gilroy. Giggle Beats, 28th May 2015

Man Up

The star of romcom Man Up and the film's writer, Tess Morris, talk about working together, why people have lost respect for the genre, and how When Harry met Sally became a hard act to follow.

Written by Laura Barton. The Guardian, 28th May 2015

Man Down

OK, I confess. I wasn't convinced by the first series of Man Down. It had its moments, but given that they were mostly in the violent interplay between Greg Davies and his TV dad Rik Mayall I had a bad feeling about the second series which - for sad but obvious reasons - doesn't feature Mayall. Yet would you believe it, it looks like they've turned it round.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 28th May 2015

Online fundraising sites like Kickstarter help the world get a little bit better - which is why it's no place for comedians who just want a bit of attention, writes Helen Coffey.

Written by Helen Coffey. The Daily Telegraph, 28th May 2015


Last night I was full of hatred. I was angry,consumed with vitriol and all because of something on the telly. Some shows should come with a warning for those with blood pressure issues. The show in question is a 'comedy' entitled SunTrap. You could read the following review, but if you had the good sense to avoid this programme, let me just say it was the worst BBC comedy since 2013's The Wright Way. Just typing those three words caused me to shudder.

Written by Luke. The Custard TV, 28th May 2015

Only Fools And Horses

Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter's life story is coming to a bookshop near you later this year. The beloved Only Fools and Horses character will publish his autobiography via Peckham Press on October 8.

Written by Sam Rigby. Digital Spy, 28th May 2015

Dapper Laughs: On The Pull

The controversial comic, real name Daniel O'Reilly is said to be trying to save his career by appearing on the Channel 5 reality show.

Written by Carl Greenwood. The Daily Mirror, 28th May 2015

Miranda Hart reveals her glossy Hollywood make-over in chic black jumpsuit as she attends Spy premiere in London.

Written by Nola Ojomu. The Daily Mail, 28th May 2015

Man Up

Simon Pegg chats to us about rom coms, Man Up, writing, Tintin 2, visiting Andy Serkis on The Jungle Book set, directing, and more...

Written by Simon Brew. Den Of Geek, 28th May 2015

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

After 19 years, 28 series, 255 episodes, dozens of specials and the usual suspects thrashing around in a pile of freshly milked bile each week, the BBC has finally, finally, finally pulled the plug on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Hurrah for that. As far as many of us are concerned, the demise of this spiteful, puerile, sexist panel show cannot come a moment too soon.

Written by Jan Moir. The Daily Mail, 28th May 2015


Halfway through our interview I notice that Stephen Mangan has swung his legs over the arm of his hotel armchair. The posture - relaxed, informal, friendly and also perhaps a bit weary -does speak of the man. After all, he's in the middle of run at the National Theatre of the Ayckbourn-esque drama Rules for Living.

Written by Gerard Gilbert. The Independent, 28th May 2015

Mark Steel's In Town

Clearly, 4 Extra isn't simply about exhuming long-forgotten shows as, for much of the time, it acts as a catch-up service. This week I heard Mark Steel's in Town, the series in which Steel, The Independent columnist, gets to know a town before affectionately taking the piss out of it in 30 minutes of stand-up.

In a programme first broadcast just a week previously on Radio 4, he was in Fleetwood in Lancashire, and among the delicious tidbits that he unearthed was that its greatest export, Fisherman's Friend lozenges, are beloved by Stevie Wonder; that it is the first town in the UK to publicly declare itself a "breastfeeding-welcome town"; and that its weekly institution "Tram Sunday" appears to be the only day that the trams don't run.

Fiona Sturges, The Independent, 28th May 2015

Jesting About

Last November I was summoned and grilled as to whether there was enough North East talent around about to support a six part series. There was. There is. So I made it.

Written by Steve Drayton. Jesting About, 27th May 2015

It's sad news for Miranda Hart fans, as the actress and comedian revealed she won't be hosting a Generation Game reboot anytime soon. She said: "It got massively blown out of order in the press and, no, we are not doing it right now."

Written by Harry Fletcher. Digital Spy, 27th May 2015



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