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Not Safe For Work

Cataloguing the messy and frequently disappointing existence of civil servant Katherine, there were moments when playwright DC Moore's comedy-drama seemed to thrillingly stare down the jumble of anxiety and emptiness that plagues twentysomething life. Yet ultimately it chose not to offer its audience much in the way of insight, plying them with the exploits of reductive supporting characters instead of focusing on Katherine's identity crisis. It concludes this week, with the future of the immigration pathway hanging in the balance.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 4th August 2015

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is to be re-released in cinemas to mark its 40th anniversary - but as a singalong version.

Chortle, 4th August 2015

A talented knitter has spoken of her "thrill" at seeing comedian Alan Carr share the work of art she gave him with a packed out gig audience.

Written by Sarah Walker. The Mirror, 4th August 2015

The indifference of the British to the plight of the Calais refugees is staggering - we criticise the desperate people who probably have a good claim to asylum, but well up over lorries in a traffic jam.

Written by Frankie Boyle. The Guardian, 4th August 2015

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish

We finished filming Series 3 of Modern Life Is Goodish last week. Blimey. That was an intense few months.

Written by Dave Gorman. 4th August 2015

Not Safe For Work

Jo Hartley explains why meditation has had a profound effect upon her life.

Written by Adrian Lobb. The Big Issue, 3rd August 2015

Nearly 50 after Bruce's death, 'sick comedians' are still in the firing line.

Written by Tom Slater. Spiked, 3rd August 2015

Theatre director Charles Marowitz recalls his friendship with Lenny Bruce, the outrageous American stand-up comic.

Written by Charles Marowitz. The Telegraph, 3rd August 2015

Derek And Clive Get The Horn

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's relentlessly filthy 70s albums anticipated punk, and influenced both alternative comedy and a generation of smutty teenagers. But is this re-release just too offensive for modern ears?

Written by Andrew Harrison. The Guardian, 2nd August 2015

Their plots may be clich├ęd, but the romantic comedy is a genre worth saving, says Katy Sandalls.

Written by Katy Sandalls. The Nouse, 2nd August 2015

Would I Lie To You?

Maybe I was out when the trumpets were blowing but it seemed to me that Would I Lie To You? slipped back onto BBC One on Friday night for its ninth, yes, ninth, series without much of a fanfare. Which is a shame. This is one of my favourite panel shows. It is devoid of cynicism, packed full of laughs.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 2nd August 2015


Taskmaster is the kind of Dave thing that shouldn't quite work but is actually wildly stupid fun. Mainly thanks to Alex Horne, late of so much splendid radio, and Greg Davies, and regulars such as Frank Skinner and Romesh Ranganathan. And eating a watermelon in a minute, and having to paint a horse while riding a horse and other activities that would have been unsuited to, say, Queen Victoria's funeral. A winner.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 2nd August 2015

Dad's Army

The last surviving platoon member of Dad's Army says the BBC would not make the classic comedy today because the corporation ignores older viewers in favour of the young.

Written by Stephen McGinty and Jason Allardyce. The Sunday Times, 2nd August 2015

Peep Show

You may think you're a fully functioning human, but everyone has an awkward, disastrous Peep Show side to them...

Written by Kasia Delgado. Radio Times, 1st August 2015

'My guiltiest pleasure? Fig rolls. While watching Downton. Nude'

Written by Rosanna Greenstreet. The Guardian, 1st August 2015

Sunny D

"A whole generation has missed out on a black sitcom".

Written by Tom Eames. Digital Spy, 31st July 2015

There was this lion and this dentist, maybe you've heard the story already. Animal stories capture the heart.

Written by Robin Ince. 31st July 2015

I'm Alan Partridge

Fictional Norwich radio DJ and Alpha Papa star Alan Partridge has inspired a 30-piece art exhibition in the city of Norwich.

BBC News, 31st July 2015

Absolutely Fabulous

With Joanna Lumley revealing yesterday that the long-awaited Absolutely Fabulous film will start shooting this October, there was a buzz here at Attitude HQ: It's ACTUALLY HAPPENING. But wait - will it be good? What do we want from an Ab Fab movie?

Written by Ben Kelly. Attitude Magazine, 31st July 2015

After a campaign was launched to ban Frankie Boyle from a West Belfast festival, Spiked editor Brendan O'Neill debated free speech on Downtown Radio.

Written by Brendan O'Neill. Spiked, 31st July 2015

If you find Frankie Boyle's humour offensive, it's simple... just don't buy a ticket.

Written by Fionola Meredith. Belfast Telegraph, 31st July 2015

Comedian Al Murray has criticised the "mob mentality" on social media for attacking free speech. Murray, known as his politically incorrect alter-ego the Pub Landlord, said people are "weaponising" their anger if they take offence at something in the public domain. He cited the example of Daniel O'Reilly, whose Dapper Laughs character attracted a slew of negative headlines after his content was deemed to be sexist and offensive., 31st July 2015

Would I Lie To You?

Rarely does this parlour game deliver an unfunny episode ... and it hasn't done that this week. One of WILTY's strengths is drawing out the immaculate timing that lays dormant in non-comedians: Moira Stuart says nothing for several minutes, before authoritatively laying down one of the funniest ad-libs of the night. Her description of how she enjoys a crispy jacket spud smothered in molten KitKat is also heavenly. Plus, did Danny Dyer really wear a zebra mask on a trip to the zoo to deter autograph-hunters?

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 31st July 2015

Limmy's Show!

In Scotland he's a national hero up there with Andy Murray, and now he's the name on everyone's lips in London. Here are six things you need to know about Limmy, the man behind the comedy book of the year.

Written by Euan Ferguson. Time Out London, 30th July 2015


The excitement is mounting.... As we've mentioned previously, Aaaaaaaah!, the new film by Steve Oram, which features a bevy of TVO faces, will be getting its world premiere next month at Film4 FrightFest at Leicester Square! But for those of you who can't make it there, don't despair - because the film may be coming to a screen near you!

Written by Mog. The Velvet Onion, 30th July 2015

Limmy's Show!

Limmy talks to Paul Whitelaw about finding an outlet for his madness.

Written by Paul Whitelaw. Chortle, 30th July 2015

A League Of Their Own

Jim Pullin, the Bafta award-winning executive producer of A League Of Their Own, has died at the age of 57.

Broadcast Now (Subscription), 30th July 2015

Demonstrations will still take place against Scottish comic's appearance in republican west Belfast after jokes about disabled people divided community.

The Guardian, 30th July 2015


Once you watch this innovative comedy from the stars who brought you Horrible Histories there is no going back.

Written by Lawrence John. Northampton News, 30th July 2015

You're Back In The Room

Kate Philips, Creative Director, Formats, BBC Worldwide says: "We are delighted that BBC Worldwide France and Blue Circle will be producing our first international sales of You're Back in the Room and we hope to announce further territories soon. We're extremely proud to have this hilarious and highly innovative show in our formats catalogue."

BBC Worldwide, 30th July 2015



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