The Catherine Tate Show

Popular sketch show starring Catherine Tate as a range of characters, including a rude nan and a talkative teenager

Sketch Show
2004 - 2009  (BBC Two)
21 (3 series)
Catherine Tate, Mathew Horne, Niky Wardley, Angela McHale, Bruce Mackinnon, Jonathan McGuinness, Ella Kenion, James Holmes, Derren Litten, Rebecca Front, Richard Lumsden
Catherine Tate, Derren Litten, Aschlin Ditta, Gordon Anderson, Mathew Horne, Arthur Mathews, Bruce Mackinnon, Jenny Lecoat, Ella Kenion, Niky Wardley
Tiger Aspect Productions
& British Broadcasting Corporation

The Catherine Tate Show features Catherine Tate playing a wide range of characters, including the unforgettable Lauren Cooper, a stroppy teenager, and the equally spirited Nan Taylor, the scourge of Meals On Wheels.

Other favourites include die-hard romantic Elaine Figgis, and her worldwide search for love; Paul and Sam in their endlessly hysterical life; Kate and Ellen, the bickering work colleagues; Bernie the inappropriate Irish nurse; Vern and Irene with their burger van, and of course, not forgetting Derek Faye - the modern gentleman bachelor.

Our Review: This was on the biggest sketch shows of the 2000s. In fact, at one stage, it was so popular that Prime Minister Tony Blair even made a cameo appearance in one of the sketches.

In fact, the show was so popular for a period that a couple of the characters have entered the national concious: Lauren 'Am I Bovvered' Cooper, and foul-mouthed Nan Taylor. However, some of Tate's other creations have now been somewhat forgotten, despite being a huge hit at the time. Maybe the recent 2009 Christmas Special will encourage people to return and re-watch previous series of the show.