Room 101

Returns for a new series on Friday 2nd January.  Episode Details

What do you really dislike? In Room 101, celebrities have the chance to get rid of their personal hates forever. Frank Skinner is the current host

Room 101: Extra Storage
Chat Show
1994 - 2015  (BBC One / BBC Two)
121 (15 series)
Nick Hancock, Paul Merton, Frank Skinner
Frank Skinner, Lee Stuart Evans, Phil Kerr
Hat Trick Productions
& British Broadcasting Corporation

Supposing you could get rid of your worst nightmares, what would they be? Each week, a different celebrity guest has their chance to cast the things they hate most into Room 101 - the most horrible and frightening place in the world, as created by George Orwell in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The series was hosted until 1997 by Nick Hancock, and then Paul Merton hosted it from 1999 until the final episode in 2007.


Room 101 is now back, but with a number of format changes, and Frank Skinner as the new host.

Frank Skinner referees three celebrities each week as they compete for his approval to banish their top peeve, annoyance, irritation or worst nightmare to the depths of Room 101 forever.

Inspired by the original Room 101, which ran for 11 series, the new format has more guests and pet hates. When Skinner appeared on Room 101 in 1995, he successfully managed to banish Action Man toys and unidentified tubes in meat and also nominated David Baddiel's cat to be destroyed. Now it will be Frank who will decide whose dislikes are the most dislikeable.

Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville comments: "After seeing so many poor imitations over the past few years, it's very pleasing to bring the real thing back and in a new version with Frank Skinner as host."

Frank Skinner says: "It's recently become clear to me that people are at their most articulate and passionate when slagging stuff off. That's the last time I type my name into Google. Still, that bodes well for the new, revamped series of Room 101. I'm really looking forward to hearing my guests wax lyrical about the people and things they hate most."

Our Review: An interesting series, which fluctuates in quality from episode to episode due to the varied nature of the guests. Having one guest each week was the show's greatest strength and its biggest drawback, as a good or bad guest could make or break the episode.

Memorable moments include Anne Robinson trying to get rid of the Welsh and Stephen Fry wanting to get rid of Room 101 itself.

The show is now back, on BBC One and with three guests per episode battling each other out to get their items into the room... is this a good idea or not? It seems the jury is still out, but it looks like it may well have worked as it's now run in this new guise for a few series.