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Last Of The Summer Wine

Gentle sitcom following a group of pensioners living in Yorkshire. This show is Britain's longest-running comedy programme

Comedy Playhouse
1973 - 2010  (BBC One)
295 (pilot + 31 series)
Bill Owen, Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton, Brian Murphy, Michael Bates, Brian Wilde, Michael Aldridge, Keith Clifford, Mike Grady, Kathy Staff, Sarah Thomas & more
Roy Clarke
British Broadcasting Corporation

Sitcom following a group of male pensioners looking for adventure. With characters entering and leaving the series over its lifetime, trios have included Compo, Clegg and Foggy; Clegg, Truly and Alvin; and Hobbo, Entwistle and Alvin.

The 'gang' are ageing delinquents who carry out boyish pranks in a quiet Yorkshire village. Their japes revolve around daredevil stunts aimed at wooing their lady friends or getting male chums out of trouble.

Our Review: It would be hard to argue that Last Of The Summer Wine is anything but a British classic. It was the UK's longest running TV comedy show by some margin.

This programme is an inoffensive and slow-moving sitcom that gets viewers hooked in via the charming and loveable characters, relaxing pace and beautiful scenery. It should be noted this is a show mainly enjoyed by the older generations; its pace and subject matter is not generally conducive to younger fans, and some TV critics and viewers have - particularly in its latter years - called it 'boring, outdated, slow and un-funny', for example.

Even if you're not a fan, LOTSW's influence on the comedy landscape shouldn't be overlooked. To give just one example, this was the first comedy show on British TV to try extending the length of a Christmas special beyond the traditional 30 minutes... a practice which has since become commonplace.