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Goodnight Sweetheart

Whilst walking around the East End, TV repairman Gary Sparrow is transported back to 1940 where he begins to live a second life

1993 - 1999  (BBC One)
58 (6 series)
Nicholas Lyndhurst, Dervla Kirwan, Christopher Ettridge, Victor McGuire, Michelle Holmes, Elizabeth Carling, Emma Amos, David Ryall, David Benson
Maurice Gran, Laurence Marks, Gary Lawson, John Phelps, Sam Lawrence, Geoff Rowley, Paul Makin
Alomo Productions
& British Broadcasting Corporation

Whilst walking around the East End of London, television repairman Gary Sparrow is transported back in time to 1940, although he doesn't immediately realise it. When Gary discovers that he can travel between the 1990s and the 1940s at will, he quickly - and a little unwittingly - develops a double life and begins committing adultery.

Whilst he has a family in the 1940s, he still has a wife in the 1990s so he continues to live both lives with the help of best friend Ron. However, when the time comes to choose, will he go for wife, or wife and child?

Our Review: A science fiction sitcom had already been seen in the format of Red Dwarf, however Goodnight Sweetheart was something else. Rather than go for the traditional joke, joke, joke format of a sitcom, the writers decided to add a detailed plot of love, adultery and the problems that time travel can cause.

Whilst the series ran for a decent 58 episodes, we cannot help but feel it was cut short. The format could have lasted another series at least and whilst critics may disagree, the series was a big success in every dimension.

The show proved to be both durable and funny throughout its six runs. The casting of Nicholas Lyndhurst was an important factor in the show's success. The character of Gary Sparrow, in the hands of Lyndhurst, proved to be a likeable figure in the public eye.