Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder. Al Murray. Image credit: Avalon Television.

Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder

Sketch show in which Al Murray plays a range of characters

Sketch Show
2009  (ITV)
7 (1 series)
Al Murray, Duncan Bannatyne, Jenny Eclair, Simon Brodkin, Laura Solon, Katy Wix, Kim Wall, Sadie Hasler, Colin Hoult
Al Murray, Simon Brodkin, Mark Augustyn, John Camm, Chris England, Paul Hawksbee, Will McLean, Daniel Maier, Matt Simpson, Laura Solon, Paul Powell
Avalon Television

In Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder, the comic showcases brand new characters for the first time since creating The Pub Landlord in 1994.

Peppered with guest appearances from the likes of John Barrowman, Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Davison, Al Murray's Multiple Personality Disorder introduces a whole host of new comic creations, including:

Prurient Dad - Peter Taylor, the embarrassing West Country dad, who "luuuuuuurrrves seeeeex!" And doesn't mind who knows it.

Barrington Blowtorch - the silver-tongued Victorian gentleman thief who can always talk his way out of a sticky situation.

Horst Schwull - Hitler's most trusted aide, who's just a little on the 'kamp' side...

The Radio Ad Couple - a husband-and-wife team who voice radio commercials and never, ever turn off the adspeak.

Gary Parsley - the outrageous, over-demanding piano-playing 70s rock star who has let fame go right to his head.

Intolerant Vicar - the Scottish clergyman who likes to keep things traditional. Apart from his temper.

Roger Dennis - the airline pilot who always gives his passengers a little too much information over the tannoy...

The Celeb News Tramps - a pair of homeless chaps who chat about what they glean from the newspapers they sleep under.

Big Baby - Big Business. Big Boardroom. Big Baby. Big Tantrums.

Gay Best Friend - not your typical Gay Best Friend, Gaz likes beer, heavy metal, and er, women...

Mobile Phone Shop Assistants - a shining example of the best customer service the UK has to offer. Not.

Jason Bent - the Premiership footballer who's always ready with a memorable soundbite after the match.

Lee Nelson - philosophy for the modern age, according to a misguided cheeky chav from Bermondsey.

Duncan's Den - entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne is looking to invest one million pounds in a new business venture. Unfortunately, desperate divorcee Carole Price is pitching most of the ideas...

Our Review: A mixed bag. Murray surprised us a little with the extent of his versatility and some clever sketches (like the politically correct PCs). But, as is the nature of sketch shows, some were just plain weak (glam rocker Gary Parsley shouldn't have made it to the screen, for example).

Supporting actor Simon Brodkin deserves to be singled out for praise - his potrayal of Jason Bent, a rude footballer, was a real highlight. Kim Wall was also excellent playing such a wide-range of main supporting characters, and Laura Solon put in some superb performances too.