2012 Fringe press clippings

Here is a collection of the last 80 external press items that are related to comedy shows at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. To find press about a specific show locate that show's listing.

Kate Copstick interview

Promoter seeks Fringe public break

Should VisitScotland do more to promote the festivals?

Fringe round-up II - will 2012 be a turning point?

Fringe round-up I - clowns, rape gags and Stewart Lee

The future of the Fringe? Think smaller

Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Ticket trouble and tantrums

Who beat Olympic effect and who didn't...

That Was The Fringe That Was

Dear Edinburgh Fringe...

Change coming to the Fringe

Don't ask about dosh: The true cost of staging a Fringe

A battered face, Russian Egg Roulette and thefts

Laughing Horse tops The Scotsman's Free Fringe picks

Video: How did you find out about your nomination?

No stars for critics after poor showing in the football

Stand-up comedy only gets better with age

Fringe extensions - the comics with extra shows

Magical Edinburgh Fringe

Dave's one-liner award misses the point of comedy

Feminists urge comedians to stop telling rape jokes

The 100 best jokes from this year's Fringe

The five star comedian read his one star review

Fresh Fringe's 24-hour challenge!

Gags... but not as you know them

Comics share their fest highlights

My baptism of fire with the famous on the Fringe

Jongleurs Comics are 'owt but Idol up in Edinburgh

'Comics should avoid the Fringe spending binge'

James Everett adds his voice to the Fringe ticket price

The rise of the nerds

An extravaganza of comic political ego at the Fringe

Hugh Grant barred from Fringe venue

I hope I might get Marshall Cordell in the stocks

Baroness Smith steps down as Fringe chair

The Fringe: This time it's serious

Have you heard the one about rape? It's funny now

Comic offers hug for £5, tongue kiss for £20

The comedians who can't fill a venue

Robin Ince blog

The fringe finds its Banksy, & where all the money goes

An Edinburgh comedy judge's diary: the gaffer of gaffer

Why Stewart Lee is wrong about the death of the Fringe

Fringe benefits - is Edinburgh's festival too big?

How much do people pay for free shows?

Celebrity obsessions

Fringe 2012: Comedy highlights so far

Poll: Has the Fringe finally sold out?

Five of the best new comedy shows to arrive this week

The sketch show has left the pet shop

Two Jews jabbering about sex, drugs and suicide

New talent at the Edinburgh Fringe

Radio 4 at the Edinburgh Fringe

Fringe shows find new ways to tackle political comedy

A critic's journey through the Edinburgh festival

A comedy judge's diary: Easyjet gags get upgrade

Edinburgh comics after they come off stage: in pictures

The comics from Scandinavia

Top five comedy shows at the Fringe

The unusual venues of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Free Fringe shows come of age in the battle for awards

Edinburgh fringe comedy roundup

Top comics play it straight at Fringe

Edinburgh fringe favourites on the dark side of comedy

Edinburgh fringe festival: a guide to the comedy tribes

'Bring on the wall' for Harry Hill's mad art

Underbelly vs Stewart Lee: The Fringe kicks off

The fine art of doing stand-up abroad

BBC Radio Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival 2012

Video: Rhod Gilbert's top tips for making it in comedy

Eddie Izzard to perform at Edinburgh Festival

How does BBC Comedy find the funny in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Fringe hopes for Olympian success

The best of comedy at the 2012 Fringe

Five Fringe double acts that'll have you doubling up

Fringe factions: The Political vs The Surreal

Fringe factions: The Freshers vs The Sophomores

Stewart Lee: the slow death of the Edinburgh Fringe

Top 5 sketch comedy shows at the Fringe 2012

Comedy advice to Fringe newbies