Wall Of Fame. David Walliams. Copyright: CPL Productions
Wall Of Fame

Wall Of Fame

  • TV panel show
  • Sky One
  • 2011
  • 10 episodes (1 series)

Topical entertainment panel show from Sky which utilises a large video wall. Hosted by David Walliams. Stars David Walliams, Jack Dee, Andrew Maxwell, Kate Garraway and Sara Pascoe

Press clippings

Wall of Fame axed for not being outrageous enough

David Walliams' show Wall Of Fame has been axed - after bosses decided it was not outrageous enough.

The Sun, 21st February 2013

David Walliams shows Stacey Solomon tattoo of her face

Saucy David Walliams makes singer Stacey Solomon squeal by showing her a tattoo of her face - on his behind.

The Sun, 22nd July 2011

Want to get a mention on David Walliams' Wall of Fame?

Check out our exclusive clip from Wall of Fame's David Walliams to Throng Readers and send in your comments for a chance to get a shout out on his show.

Joanna Lim, TV Throng, 13th July 2011

Coming late into an already saturated market, Sky 1's Wall of Fame is a fitfully-amusing, chronically derivative and ambition-free comedy quiz show based around the previous week's top 32 most talked about celebrities.

David Walliams is in the chair, with Jack Dee and Kate Garraway as competing team captains. It is something of a cakewalk for Walliams and Dee, relaxed to the point of complacent, but since comedy is hardly Garraway's forte she is given Andrew Maxwell as a teammate. Maxwell's material is quite funny, but he really should put a more effort into feigning spontaneity. It all sounds suspiciously scripted to order.

The rest of the panelists usually comprise attractive but vacant young women, purportedly celebrities themselves, whose principal contribution is to make the men appear funnier by comparison.

Wall of Fame isn't bad, but neither is it particularly good either. With originality so low on its list of priorities the show already looks a bit tired, despite being brand new.

The Stage, 7th July 2011

David Walliams lap dances for Wall of Fame

David Walliams attempts to lap dance for Gabby Logan on his new panel show tonight.

The Sun, 1st July 2011

Tamara Ecclestone interview

Billionaire's daughter Tamara Ecclestone won't let her mega-bucks make her a TV turn-off. The super-rich Wall of Fame star reckons she clicks with viewers thanks to her wealth of real-life experience.

Leigh Holmwood, The Sun, 21st June 2011

Sky1's success with sporting panel show A League Of Their Own (heir to the BBC's '90s hit They Think It's All Over), has boosted their confidence in this cheap and cheerful genre. So now they've followed it up with a celebrity/gossip-based panel show hosted by Little Britain's David Walliams called Wall Of Fame. It doesn't really have much of a format, but realizes half the success of these shows are assembling eclectic guests, but relying on comedians. That said, considering they managed to book N Dubz singer Tulisa (a new judge on X Factor many viewers will be curious about), Wall Of Fame didn't capitalize on that signing. And to be honest, Tulisa looked half-bored throughout-even more so than teammate Jack Dee, who at least had the excuse that's his TV persona!

In Wall Of Fame, two teams answer questions based on a grid of famous faces on the titular wall. It's that simple. The outcome was like watching a hybrid of Celebrity Juice (minus the Shooting Stars-esque lunacy and some actual structure. It was diverting enough because most of the panelists (including comedians Andrew Maxwell and Mickey Flanagan) were giving it their best, and we'll overlook the weird decision to make Daybreak's Kate Garroway a team captain.

The biggest problem is that I'm not convinced Walliams works as a host, mainly because he can't resist putting on a very odd "serious face" whenever he's in charge. Walliams works much better as a rascally panelist, free to be cheeky and drop sexual innuendo, but as emcee he's restricted by the role's autocue-reading demands. I'm amazed Sky didn't realize this after seeing Walliams on the recent Comic Relief special 24 Hour Panel People, frankly. He was just as stiff on that whenever he hosted a segment, even before the excuse of sleep deprivation.

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 20th June 2011

David Walliams hosts this addition to the already rather large pile of lighthearted topical panel shows with celebrity guests. Ostensibly about the week's events, the subject matter skews more to the Simon Cowell wing of current affairs, as a giant wall featuring the 25 faces who have garnered the most column inches attests. Two teams are quizzed to test the proximity of their fingers to the pulse of relentless tabloid chit-chat. Seems rather a soft career choice for Walliams this, but perhaps he will bring a superior touch of class to the occasion.

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 17th June 2011

There's little new to the concept of this panel show about the week's most talked-about people in which two teams of three tackle the latest celebrity stories. It's hosted by David Walliams, though, which can't be a bad thing. Especially after the comedian proved his mettle this year by completing a marathon 24-hour stint hosting panel shows for Comic Relief.

Clive Morgan, The Telegraph, 17th June 2011

Here's another new panel show riffing off the week's news but this time it has a celeb gossipy bent. The super-duper Andrew Maxwell and deadpan Jack Dee are the capable comedy regulars; Kate Garroway and Tamara Ecclestone their pop-culture-savvy cohorts. This week's guests are Micky Flanagan and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos. Occupying the host's chair is the ever-colourful David Walliams.

Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 17th June 2011

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