Undercover. Chris (Daniel Rigby). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions


  • TV sitcom
  • Dave
  • 2015
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

High stakes action comedy about an undercover police officer who is hopelessly out of his depth when he infiltrates an Armenian crime family. Stars Daniel Rigby, Sarah Alexander, Sacha Alexander, Ivan Kaye, Bernice Stegers and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3 - The Wire

The Police see the release of Ara's henchman Tommi Lylozian from prison as an opportunity to make some real headway.

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Undercover. Tommi Lylozian (Keith Allen). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions

The Police are becoming impatient with 'Operation Piccolo' and see the release of Ara's henchman Tommi Lylozian (guest star Keith Allen) from prison as an opportunity to make some real headway.

Incriminating evidence on the Sarkissian operation is to be gathered by Chris - wearing a wire.

As Tommi is welcomed back into the fold and guaranteed the protection of the family, Chris struggles not just to get evidence but to stay alive, largely due to the fact that Tommi is a raving psychopath.

In the end, Chris takes matters into his own hands to get results... or so he thinks.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 30th June 2015
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 2nd July 2015 9:40pm Dave
Friday 3rd July 2015 12:20am Dave
Monday 6th July 2015 10:20pm Dave
Sunday 18th October 2015 3:20am Dave
Thursday 12th January 2017 2:40am Dave
Tuesday 31st July 2018 3:15am Dave
Wednesday 27th March 2019 3:15am Dave

Cast & crew

Daniel Rigby Chris
Sarah Alexander Zoe
Sacha Alexander Ara
Ivan Kaye Garabed
Yasmine Akram Lara
Ryan Sampson Stepan
Sevan Stephan Arno
Brett Goldstein Christophe
Guest cast
Keith Allen Tommi Lylozian
Pip Chamberlin Badrig The Butcher
Sophie Boyd Fate
Writing team
Sacha Alexander Writer
Andy Milligan Writer
Mark Staheli Writer
Production team
Dave Lambert Director
Margery Bone Producer
Henry Normal Executive Producer
Simon Lupton Executive Producer
Tanya Qureshi Executive Producer
Will Bone Editor
Jim Holloway Production Designer


Tommi is back

Henchman Tommi is out of jail. Worrying times.

Featuring: Daniel Rigby (Chris), Sacha Alexander (Ara) & Keith Allen (Tommi Lylozian).

Tommi in the bubbles

Tommi invites Chris to join in him the jacuzzi - is he being nice, or has he worked out Chris is wearing a recording device?

Featuring: Daniel Rigby (Chris) & Keith Allen (Tommi Lylozian).

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