Undercover. Chris (Daniel Rigby). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.


Dave sitcom about an undercover policeman. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Daniel Rigby, Sarah Alexander, Sacha Alexander, Ivan Kaye and others.


AKA: DS Chris Anderson; AKA Christapour Gregorian.  Played by: Daniel Rigby
Undercover. Chris (Daniel Rigby). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Chris is a neurotic, over-analytical, metrosexual outsider. Originally a traffic policeman, he now finds himself undercover in a family of excessively violent gangsters.

Chris lacks courage, confidence and ambition. To say he's out of his depth would be the understatement of the century. He gets particularly panicky around aggressive men or attractive women... not ideal when you're an undercover policeman surrounded by aggressive men and attractive women.


Played by: Sarah Alexander
Undercover. Zoe (Sarah Alexander). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Zoe is Chris' new handler. Tough, driven and the only one of them with an ounce of common sense, Chris finds her intimidating, but as the series progresses there's also a spark of attraction between them, despite her secret boyfriend.

Chris has regular one-on-one meetings with Zoe, where he tends to embellish the details of what he's been doing with the Sarkissians in a misguided attempt to impress her. It rarely succeeds.

Zoe also harbours ambitions of her own. Her career is tainted by the unfortunate "Henderson" case, a disaster she's desperate to put behind her by proving herself with Operation Piccolo.


Played by: Sacha Alexander
Undercover. Ara (Sacha Alexander). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

One of the three Sarkissian brothers, Ara is the head of this branch of the family. He has secrets of his own and can be both threatening and ridiculous at the same time - a dangerous concoction, not to be underestimated.

Ara's rivalry with brother Arno to gain family supremacy and work his way up the gangster hierarchy will see the two crews at loggerheads and cause Chris more than a few headaches. Brotherly love on a whole new scale!


Played by: Ivan Kaye
Undercover. Garabed (Ivan Kaye). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Ara's right-hand man - terrifying and loyal in equal measure. And deeply suspicious of Chris right from the off.

Garabed could snap you like a Twix, and will happily prove that point should Chris ever give him the slightest provocation. He will do absolutely anything to protect Ara.


Played by: Bernice Stegers
Undercover. Lucine (Bernice Stegers). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Ara and Arno's mother - the matriarch of the family.

Lucine is determined to educate the younger generation when it comes to preserving Armenian culture.

Often ostentatiously displaying wealth through clothes, and bitching about other women in a way that, on the surface, Lucine seems to be complimenting them.


Played by: Yasmine Akram
Undercover. Lara (Yasmine Akram). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

The golden girl of the family - Ara and Arno's niece, Raffi's daughter and Lucine's granddaughter, Lara has grown up under Ara's wing.

Sexually confident and ruthlessly flirtatious when she wants to be, Lara is also highly manipulative.

She is intrigued by Chris, but possibly more by what his loyalty could gain her.

Desperate to know what happened to her father, underneath her striking fa├žade Lara is more like Ara than any of the others - how far will she go in her pursuit of the truth?


Played by: Ryan Sampson
Undercover. Stepan (Ryan Sampson). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Stepan is Lara's brother and is everything she isn't. He is called on when brawn matters more than brains - which is lucky, really - as his mastermind subject would have to be sitting in a chair.

Stepan is the child Ara's glad he never had. He has a weakness for sweets, is highly impressionable and thicker than two short planks.


Played by: Sevan Stephan
Undercover. Arno (Sevan Stephan). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Ara's brother Arno has entirely identical ambitions to dominate the family as his brother.

Arno is as ruthless and calculating as Ara, and with some brotherly-sized skeletons hanging between them in the family closet, it's a case of can't live with him - can't shoot him in the face.


Played by: Brett Goldstein
Undercover. Christophe (Brett Goldstein). Copyright: Bonafide Films / Baby Cow Productions.

Christophe is Arno's right hand man and an established part of his crew.

Christophe is everything Chris isn't - impressive, confident, good at his job. Oh and as if that weren't enough, he's also Zoe's boyfriend and has been sleeping with Lara.