Uncle. Image shows from L to R: Andy (Nick Helm), Errol (Elliot Speller-Gillott). Copyright: Baby Cow Productions.


BBC Three and Channel 4 sitcom about a bad uncle and his nerdy nephew. 20 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2012 - 2017. Stars Nick Helm, Elliot Speller-Gillott, Daisy Haggard, Daniel Lawrence Taylor and others.

Press Clippings

Uncle: subversive comedy makes life a little less bleak

It may seem like a regular odd-couple premise, but this undersung BBC series is fresh and inventive. And that's before you get to the musical numbers.

Clem Bastow, The Guardian, 24th March 2020

Uncle, Series 3, Episode 7

And so it's finally time to say goodbye to Andy and Errol in the last episode of the last series of Uncle. Sob. Reviewers have been asked not to reveal spoilers so I'm going to fight every journalistic fibre in my body and resist the urge to splurge.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 10th February 2017

Review, Uncle, BBC3, Episode 4

I have a confession to make. I'd slightly gone off Uncle this time round, which is why my reviews have been running late. Watching it - previously so much fun - had started to feel like a chore and I wondered where the plot as going. But I take it all back. I was rather blown away by this latest episode.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 22nd January 2017

Review: Uncle, Episode 3

There is lots going on in the third episode of the final series of Uncle.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 15th January 2017

Review: Uncle, BBC3, episode 2

This is just a quick heads up to remind people to watch the third series of Uncle, which looks like it is going to build to a nice - or maybe not so nice? - romantic finale in a few weeks.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th January 2017

Consistently funny and surprisingly sweet, Uncle has returned with one of its best episodes, in which Andy wrestles with the idea of being a father. It's a shame that this is the last series, as the show has really benefited from evolving from a two-man show into a real ensemble piece, with a lovely gang of characters. The best sitcom around at the mo.

Anna Lowman, 7th January 2017

Review: Uncle, BBC3

The third and final series of Uncle kicks off with a slice of emotional turmoil for Andy (Nick Helm). We all know that he has a nephew, Errol, but could he be a father too? The first episode finds him reflecting on whether his life if about to undergo a seismic shift that will mean that he has to accept some real responsibilities.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 1st January 2017

I talk to: Nick Helm

Here's what Nick Helm had to say about the final series of Uncle, BBC Three's move online and what he'll miss most...

Elliot Gonzalez, I Talk Telly, 31st December 2016

Lifting its premise almost entirely from About A Boy didn't prevent this fine sitcom from becoming a success in its own right. Nick Helm plays Andy, a layabout, stoner, bachelor and failed musician who forms an (initially reluctant) bond with his gawky swot of a nephew, Errol. The two learn a lot from each other, yadda yadda, you know how it goes, but that isn't too important. What is, is that it's hilarious - walking the fine and tricky line between sweet and fist-chewingly crude, with Helm's musical interludes providing frequent, welcome whips of surrealism. Good to have it back.

The Guardian, 24th December 2016

Writing Uncle for BBC Three

Uncle stars Nick Helm as an out-of-work musician who forges an unlikely alliance with his 12-year-old nephew. We spoke to Lilah Vandenburgh about her writing career, working with co-writer Oliver Refson, their writing process and Uncle's development and evolution, including loads of useful advice.

Lilah Vandenburgh, BBC Writersroom, 22nd December 2016