Tittybangbang. Lucy Montgomery. Copyright: Pett Productions


  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Three
  • 2005 - 2007
  • 21 episodes (3 series)

Female-centric sketch show, starring Lucy Montgomery and Debbie Chazen. Also features Tony Way, Lorraine Cheshire, Shelley Longworth, Velile Tshabalala, Di Botcher and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Lucy Montgomery Various
Debbie Chazen Various
Tony Way Various
Lorraine Cheshire Ensemble Actor
Shelley Longworth Ensemble Actor
Velile Tshabalala Ensemble Actor
Di Botcher Ensemble Actor
Esther Coles Ensemble Actor
Katy Brand Ensemble Actor (Series 1-2)
Stephen Aintree Ensemble Actor (Series 2-3)
Steve Oram Ensemble Actor (Series 2-3)
Steven O'Donnell Ensemble Actor (Series 2-3)
Steven Burge (as Steve Burge) Ensemble Actor (Series 2-3)
Rhys Thomas Ensemble Actor (Series 3)
Iain Lee Ensemble Actor (Series 3)
Writing team
Bob Mortimer (as Robert Renwick) Writer (Series 1-2)
Bob Mortimer (as Robert Mortimer) Writer (Series 3)
Jill Parker Writer
Steven Burge (as Steve Burge) Writer (Series 3)
Lucy Montgomery Writer (Additional Material)
David Cadji-Newby Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3)
Nico Tatarowicz Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3)
Production team
Angie De Chastelai Smith Director (Series 1-2)
Bob Mortimer (as Robert Mortimer) Director (Series 3)
Lisa Clark Producer
Charlie Phillips Editor
Jane Tomblin Production Designer
Lorraine Kinman Costume Designer (Series 1)
John Record Director of Photography (Series 1-2)
Maria Papandrea Costume Designer (Series 2-3)
Peter Edwards Director of Photography (Series 3)
Diane Chenery-Wickens Make-up Designer (Series 1)
Siobhán Harper-Ryan Make-up Designer (Series 2-3)
Steve Roberts 1st Assistant Director (Series 1)
Adam Miller 1st Assistant Director (Series 2)
Joanna MacDonnell 1st Assistant Director (Series 3)

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