Brendan O'Carroll
The Lebanese Outpost

The Lebanese Outpost

  • TV sitcom in development
  • BBC One
  • 2022
  • 6 episodes

Sitcom by Brendan O'Carroll about a group of peacekeepers patrolling the border between Lebanon and Israel. Also features Paddy Houlihan and Danny O'Carroll.

  • This idea is currently in development

Press clippings

Brendan O'Carroll preparing to make BBC army sitcom Lebanese Outpost

Mrs Brown's Boys creator Brendan O'Carroll claims to have landed a new BBC One sitcom, about Irish UN peacekeepers patrolling the Israel-Lebanon border. Six episodes of Lebanese Outpost have reportedly been commissioned.

British Comedy Guide, 28th October 2021

Mrs Brown's Boys creator to pilot peacekeeper comedy

Mrs Brown's Boys creator Brendan O'Carroll is working on a BBC One sitcom pilot called The Lebanese Outpost.

British Comedy Guide, 15th January 2020

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