The Larkins. Image shows left to right: Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh), Ma Larkin (Joanna Scanlan)
The Larkins

The Larkins (2021)

  • TV comedy drama
  • ITV1
  • 2021 - 2022
  • 13 episodes (2 series)

Adaptation of H.E. Bates's novels about the eccentric, rural Larkin family, starring Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan. Also features Sabrina Bartlett, Tok Stephen, Peter Davison, Barney Walsh, Kriss Dosanjh and more.

Character guide

The Larkins. Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh)

Pop Larkin

Played by: Bradley Walsh

The ultimate life and soul of the party. Heart of gold, always wanting to bring out the best in people, never judges, generous. But don't cross him because he won't let it lie.

The Larkins. Ma Larkin (Joanna Scanlan)

Ma Larkin

Played by: Joanna Scanlan

Fun, earth mother, not to be crossed especially when it comes to her children. She loves her husband, her community and hates
snobbery and bullying - if she witnesses it she'll definitely call it out.

The Larkins. Mariette Larkin (Sabrina Bartlett)

Mariette Larkin

Played by: Sabrina Bartlett (Series 1) and Joelle Rae (Series 2)

Soulful, beautiful, lustrous. Effortlessly cool. Longing to launch into the big wide world and shrugs off male admirers left, right and centre.

The Larkins. Cedric 'Charley' Charlton (Tok Stephen)

Cedric 'Charley' Charlton

Played by: Tok Stephen

Tries to look older and act more serious but comes across as nervy. Works at the Office of the Inspector of Taxes - stays with the Larkins and falls in love with Mariette. He's determined to win her affections despite the stiff competition.

The Larkins. Vicar (Peter Davison)


Played by: Peter Davison

Sweary vicar who likes to gossip, have a drink, and the odd ciggie. Lacking in loyalty of any kind, but very much part of the village furniture.

The Larkins. Brigadier (Kriss Dosanjh)


Played by: Kriss Dosanjh

Delightful old stoic, retired Indian army officer, struggling on a pension. Lives with his sister Miss Chand. Sweet, kind and has
at times a wicked sense of humour. Loves Britain and the British.

The Larkins. Miss Edith Pilchester (Amelia Bullmore)

Miss Edith Pilchester

Played by: Amelia Bullmore

A middle-aged spinster on endless village committees but lonely and unfulfilled. Tweedy make-do-and-mend look. Lives alone at Bonny Banks. Feeling the pinch but game for anything, especially if encouraged by Pop whom she adores.

The Larkins. Miss Chand (Seeta Indrani)

Miss Chand

Played by: Seeta Indrani

Snobbish, fiery and fierce. Anglo-Indian, sister of the Brigadier. Bossy head teacher of the village school. Born in India, been here a
while but regrets coming. Is a friend of Norma Norman.

The Larkins. Johnny Delamere (Robert Bathurst)

Johnny Delamere

Played by: Robert Bathurst

A vain actor with an extensive repertoire of anecdotes. The go-to local celebrity but less successful than he thinks. Comperes the May Day auction, and the Straw Man Race - anything for a free sherry.

The Larkins. Tom Fisher (Stephen Hagan)

Tom Fisher (Series 1)

Played by: Stephen Hagan

A smooth charmer with an edge - who is ultimately caught out. He's a handsome newcomer to the village and wants to develop and expand the village. Rather taken by Mariette - he doesn't hide his interest and offers her a job. Progressive and believes
in the benefits of change.

The Larkins. Alec Norman (Tony Gardner)

Alec Norman

Played by: Tony Gardner

Pop's nemesis. Prissy in a blazer. He's a commuter with class pretentions but little more than a jumped-up cad. Jealous of his popularity, he can't stand Pop and is determined to make him suffer.

The Larkins. Norma Norman (Selina Griffiths)

Norma Norman

Played by: Selina Griffiths

Alec's doggedly supportive wife who is a bit prissy, serious and humourless. She and Ma don't see eye to eye.

The Larkins. Primrose Larkin (Lydia Page)

Primrose Larkin

Played by: Lydia Page

16 years old, brainy and worships Mariette. Primrose fancies herself in love with Eddie at the fairground. She's a self-conscious Larkin but also extremely attuned to the politics of the adult world.

The Larkins. Montgomery Larkin (Liam Middleton)

Montgomery Larkin

Played by: Liam Middleton

13 years old and the only son in the Larkins family, for now. He adores his dad and is a dab hand with a paint brush. Keen to compete and win the village Pram Race.

The Larkins. Victoria Larkin (Lola Shepelev)

Victoria Larkin

Played by: Lola Shepelev

11 years old, practical and never happier than when fixing something. She's quiet, preferring to communicate in grunts. A genius with mechanics.

The Larkins. Image shows from L to R: Petunia Larkin (Rosie Coleman), Zinnia Larkin (Davina Coleman)

Zinnia Larkin

Played by: Davina Coleman (Series 1) and Summer Miller (Series 2)

One of the 8 years old identical twin girls. Lively, fearless and often calamitous!

The Larkins. Image shows from L to R: Petunia Larkin (Rosie Coleman), Zinnia Larkin (Davina Coleman)

Petunia Larkin

Played by: Rosie Coleman (Series 1) and Sienna Miller (Series 2)

Like her twin sister, she is loving and kind and gentle to all animals.

The Larkins. Pauline (Natalie Mitson)


Played by: Natalie Mitson

Sultry, tanned & tough. Former friend of Mariette - now rivals. Serves behind the bar in the Inn. Rides a Vesper and is a man eater.

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