The Kevin Bishop Show. Kevin Bishop. Copyright: Objective Productions.

The Kevin Bishop Show

Channel 4 sketch show from Kevin Bishop. 13 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 2007 - 2009. Stars Kevin Bishop, Jim Howick, Katie Males, Oliver Maltman and others.

Series 1

STD Kelly: Legalize. Kevin Bishop. Copyright: Objective Productions.

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Friday 25th July 2008

The sketches in this week's show include Daily Mail DVD giveaways that reveal the screen-tests of Bruce Forsyth in The Shining and Al Pacino's take on Superman; the American remake of Countdown with a bikini-clad Carol; the new single, Legalize, from STD Kelly; and Sienna Miller's new perfume Publicity.

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Songs of Praise on BBC Three. Kevin Bishop. Copyright: Objective Productions.

2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Friday 1st August 2008

The sketches in this week's show include The First of the Mohicans, Grange Hill USA, Richard Branson as The Secret Millionaire and Free DVD offer 'Real life remakes of Mrs Doubtfire, The Godfather and the Italian Job'. The characters explored also include Ross Kemp, Gordon Ramsay, Justin Lee Collins and Harry Potter (during his 'difficult puberty' phase).

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Mission Impossible. Oliver Maltman. Copyright: Objective Productions.

3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Friday 8th August 2008

Sketches in this week's show include Amy Winehouse's new Bond theme The Booze Is Not Enough, the Helium Channel, and the classic comedy catchphrases that are no longer socially acceptable. Characters explored include sex-mad Colin Farrell and Gordon Ramsay - he has feelings too - and the trailer for Die Hard 5 with Bruce Forsyth.

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4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Friday 15th August 2008

The sketches in this week's show include a Sugababes homage, Jack the Let Ripper, the infamous murderer who suffers a slight flatulence problem, When Harry Potter met Sally and The O.C.D.O.C. in which Ryan and Marissa are meant for each other but something always seems to get in the way, like washing your hands seven times, or an undone shoelace. David Attenborough, Bill Oddie and David Starkey also get the Kevin Bishop treatment in this episode.

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5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Friday 22nd August 2008

This week's show includes a US remake of All Creatures Great and Small, and joins Colin Farrell on set in his constant quest to get his end away. Radiohead cheer up a bit and sing some happy songs, and Sir David Attenborough, Rick Stein and Bob Geldof all get the Kevin Bishop treatment.

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6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Friday 29th August 2008

Featured sketches include Griff Rhys Jones and the Temple of Doom, the post watershed version of Blue Planet (Very Blue Planet), Carry on Hand Luggage, and Cribs with Robbie Williams.

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