Bruce Forsyth. Copyright: Rex / Shutterstock.

The Bruce Forsyth Story

Channel 5 documentary about the career of Bruce Forsyth. 1 episode in 2017. Features Kenny Lynch, Jimmy Tarbuck, Kevin O'Sullivan, Arlene Phillips and others.

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If Bruce Forsyth is not the world's most famous Bruce, he is certainly the most impersonated and the Bruce who has been on our screens the most since the dawn of TV.

His lengthy career is long overdue for a tribute and The Bruce Forsyth Story: From The Palladium To The Palace (Sunday, Channel 5) was a worthy fit.

There aren't too many celebrity biopics three generations of a family can sit down and enjoy, but the length of Bruce's cv is a by-product, really, of his personality.

What drives him is a constant restlessness. When things got too comfortable, he took a dive into something risky.

After years presenting Sunday Night At The London Palladium, he suddenly quit to play seven different parts in a West End musical.

He left the boards for the glories of The Generation Game, then quit that for Bruce Forsyth's Big Night. The critical hammering that show got drove Bruce to an unprecedented piece-to-camera in the final episode.

"We were trying out something new," he said.

"It was a new format, with new ideas."

You could see, as the wider story unfolded, how important this was to his outlook. You win some, you lose some, but you keep trying out something new. That's how you stay on the screen for 60 years.

Matt Baylis, The Daily Express, 6th March 2017