Tell Me Another. Copyright: Southern Television.

Tell Me Another

ITV chat show. 44 episodes (4 series), 1976 - 1979. Stars Dick Hills.

Tell Me Another - Series 1 & 2

Tell Me Another - Series 1 & 2

Renown Pictures are delighted to present Tell Me Another Series 1 & 2, the iconic hit TV show made 1976 - 1979. For the very first time on any format this fabulous 2 DVD box set brings together the first two series for your enjoyment. Sit back and enjoy some of the funniest anecdotes in the company of Dick Hills and his special guest stars: Michael Bentine, Jon Pertwee, Diana Dors, Jim Dale, Norman Vaughan, Jimmy Jewel, Barbara Windsor, Jimmy Logan, Arthur Askey, Bill Maynard, Ted Ray, Bernard Cribbins, Jack Warner, Roy Hudd, Thora Hird, Millicent Martin, Reg Varney, Beryl Reid, Marti Caine, George Melly, Spike Milligan, Warren Mitchell, Ray Alan and David Jacobs.

In Series 1, laugh and sigh, as these stars recall with their own brand of humour and personal magic, the many funny, touching and heartfelt incidents that have happened to them on their way to success. Hear about friends, enemies, idols, girlfriends, landladies, audiences and wives in stories which form a rich tapestry of 'life behind the scenes' of show business. Series 1 is directed by Anthony Howard.

In Series 2, the stars have a chance to tell stories about some of the strange incidents that have befallen them in their lives - stories of wit and wisdom and perhaps poetic license... among the stranger tales are those involving Warren Mitchell, a fairy wand and a pair of football boots; Marti Caine and hundreds of lavender bags. Why was Reg Varney stuck in a trap door? Why did George Melly's uncle recite The Hunting of the Snark in a tar bath? And how did Spike Milligan fall through a ceiling? Series 2 is directed by John Coxall.

Many of the anecdotes are hilarious, but some are genuinely moving, giving a glimpse at the real personality behind the famous show business face in 450 minutes of DVD pure entertainment. This wonderful 2 DVD collection brings you all 18 episodes from the first two series of this landmark entertainment show from the Southern Television archive. This is the perfect gift for fans of television nostalgia, comedy and entertainment. Grab yourself a copy now and re-live the laughs with some of the true legends of stage, screen and TV.

First released: Friday 24th November 2017

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