Spitting Image.

Spitting Image

BritBox sketch show satire with puppets. 150 episodes (21 series), 1984 - 2020. Stars Chris Emmett, Jon Glover, Phil Cool, Jan Ravens and others.

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Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Sunday 26th February 1984

We visit a nursing home for terminally bewildered ex-prime ministers, Bob Dylan performs a protest song about cheese, Colonel Muammar Gadaffi presents the award for International Terrorist of the Year, the Reverend Ian Paisley tells God what's what and there's the latest thrilling video from Michael Jackson - or is that Diana Ross?


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Sunday 4th March 1984

Mrs Thatcher takes some neighbourly advice over the privet hedge from the gentleman at No. 9, a Herr von Wilcox (who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Adolf Hitler), Bob Dylan sings a song about his stolen underpants, and Ronald Reagan features in the latest instalment of The President's Brain is Missing.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Sunday 18th March 1984

Thatcher and Tebbit interrogate Nigel Lawson on his budget proposals, Mark Thatcher opens his first bank account, Prince Charles visits The Falklands and Janet Street Germ reports live from Nancy Reagan's navel.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Sunday 1st April 1984

Shirley Williams is dragged backwards through a hedge in preparation for an appearance on Newsnight, Prince Philip has a flirty encounter with Nancy Reagan aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, David Attenborough is on the look out for an anteater and Mary Whitehouse takes an ice-cold bath.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Sunday 8th April 1984

We go behind the scenes as Patrick Lichfield photographs the Queen, 'Randy Andy' Prince Andrew and Prince Charles compare fan letters and Prince Phillip introduces Charles to a secret society meeting in the Buckingham Palace laundry.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Sunday 15th April 1984

In this episode we finally find out the whereabouts of Lord Lucan: could he have been hiding out in Cyril Smith's oversized trousers all this time? Barry Manilow's encounter with an obsessive anteater leads to a case of mistaken identity and Mrs Thatcher's cabinet prepare for nuclear war.


7. Episode Seven

First broadcast: Sunday 13th May 1984

Nancy Reagan features in a campaign video on behalf of the Republican party entitled Da do Ron Ron. Francois Mitterrand persuades Mrs Thatcher to buy UHT milk, Norman Fowler MP is on the prowl for unsuspecting hospitals in Murder Most Fowler and the Saatchi and Saatchi agency sets to work on Mrs Thatcher's image.


8. Episode Eight

First broadcast: Sunday 20th May 1984

Mrs Thatcher has a nightmare and we are on the set of It'll Be Alright On The Night with Denis Norden and a 589 egg omelette. Elsewhere in Masterclass Julian Lloyd Webber goes head to head with Henry Cooper, and there is the latest instalment of The President's Brain Is Missing.


9. Episode Nine

First broadcast: Sunday 27th May 1984

We join Pope John Paul II and the Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Runcie on their world tour with a crew of hell-raising roadie nuns, That's Life and Death with Esther Rantzen chasing the ratings, and the Cabinet plot a revolt.


10. Episode Ten

First broadcast: Sunday 3rd June 1984

The Royals sit down to a game of Monopoly but it is a foregone conclusion who is going to win! Neil Kinnock wrestles with his conscience (James Callaghan as a devil and Michael Foot as an angel on each shoulder), Brian Walden is subjected to an interrogation by Rupert Murdoch's henchmen and it's Let's Speak Afrikaans with P.W. Botha.


11. Episode Eleven

First broadcast: Sunday 10th June 1984

There is strife on the studio floor when Robin Day refuses to give up the BBC jumper, Cecil Parkinson - the man who made just one mistake, twice a night for fourteen years - is offered the job of foreign secretary, and preparations are underway at No. 10 for Mark Thatcher's wedding.


12. Episode Twelve

First broadcast: Sunday 17th June 1984

The two year-old Prince William blackmails Charles into abdicating, Thatcher and Kinnock go head-to-head on an edition of Call My Bluff hosted by Jim Callaghan and we look at How to be a University Student.


Highlights Special: The Very Beast Of Spitting Image

First broadcast: Saturday 29th December 1984

An hour-long compilation of the gruesome and nasty highlights from Central's very own Chamber of Horrors. The Very Beast Of Spitting Image features stars of stage, screen, the House of Commons and Buckingham Palace in their very own end of the year show.


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