Rovers. Image shows from L to R: Doreen Bent (Sue Johnston), Pete Mott (Craig Cash). Copyright: Jellylegs


  • TV sitcom
  • Sky One
  • 2016
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

A down-to-earth comedy about the fans of a local lower league football team Redbridge Rovers. Stars Craig Cash, Sue Johnston, Steve Speirs, Seb Cardinal, David Earl and more.

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Character guide

Rovers. Pete Mott (Craig Cash)

Pete Mott

Played by: Craig Cash

Pete Mott (or Meat Pot - "swap the letters round, it’s good fun") is Redbridge Rovers' most ardent fan, and lives to see the day they are promoted to the Evo-Stik Premier League. His loyalty and reverence for the team is nothing short of inspiring - win or lose you'll always find Pete singing either on the sidelines or in the bar. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm has also got him flagged as a nuisance caller on the local radio football phone-in.

Rovers. Doreen Bent (Sue Johnston)

Doreen Bent

Played by: Sue Johnston

Doreen's late husband was a legendary player at the club in the 70s and, the heart and soul of Redbridge's clubhouse, she's been around ever since (but don't ask her to explain the offside rule). As well as pulling the pints and making the post-match sarnies, she's the source of all gossip in the club and her meat raffles are legendary. It's pretty rare she gets a pat on her back for her troubles, but the fans are her family, and she loves them dearly.

Rovers. Tel (Steve Speirs)


Played by: Steve Speirs

Tel is Pete's best friend from childhood and his Redbridge Rovers brother-in-arms. The pair have always been inseparable, but recently Tel has had to make difficult choices between spending rainy Saturdays at the Rovers clubhouse with Pete and going on trips to Malta with his new lover, Mel. His commitment to Pete's bowling team 'G-Force' has also been called into question...

Rovers. Mel (Seb Cardinal)


Played by: Seb Cardinal

Since they became a couple, Mel has been a transformative influence on Tel, decking him out with the finest designer clothing and dashing silk scarves for match day. Pete has been overheard saying he's spoiling Tel. We're not sure if he meant that in the pampering sense...

Rovers. Bruce (David Earl)


Played by: David Earl

Bruce is one of Pete's southern nemeses. Twin brothers with Lee, Bruce is a wind-up merchant who like nothing better than riling Pete.

Rovers. Lee (Joe Wilkinson)


Played by: Joe Wilkinson

Whether it's arguing over who has been to more games, or critiquing Pete's new football chants, there is no level of one-upmanship deemed pointless enough by Lee and his brother Bruce.

Rovers. Tom 'Tentpeg' Capstick (Jamie Demetriou)

Tom 'Tentpeg' Capstick

Played by: Jamie Demetriou

One of Redbridge's youngest fans (for some reason the club has difficulty in attracting the under-21s), Tom has been taken under Pete's wing as something of a protégé. He's picked up a bit of a crush on the new barmaid, Sam, but can't quite muster the courage to tell her how he feels. A foray into poetry helps him find the words... unfortunately those words don't really rhyme.

Rovers. Sam Routledge (Lolly Adefope)

Sam Routledge

Played by: Lolly Adefope

Sam is the new girl in town. At first the club and its patrons are a little bewildering to her, but it's not long before the new barmaid is learning the bar snack shorthand technique from Doreen and joining in with the Rovers chants.

Rovers. Willy (Pearce Quigley)


Played by: Pearce Quigley

The editor of The Little Red Rover fanzine, there isn't a statistic about the team that Willy doesn't have perfect recall over - although this often causes him to be berated by his overbearing mother for showing off. Some might say he's a little dull and robotic, but the resident vamp Mandy has taken something of a shine to him.

Rovers. Mandy (Diane Morgan)


Played by: Diane Morgan

Mandy's a plumber who is currently working on getting every Rovers striker's name tattooed to her backside. It's a work in progress and, last we heard, "it stings like a bastard". She's a carnivorous presence in the club, and she currently has her eyes set on Willy.

Rovers. Francis (Judith Barker)


Played by: Judith Barker

Francis is Willy's mother, and another die-hard Rovers supporter. Now under the care of her long-suffering son, Francis may be blind but nothing gets past her, and she is determined to have a say in everything that goes on at the club. She can still be a powerful presence, especially when cornering the club's managers to tell them to pull their fingers out.

Rovers. Ronnie (Mark Silcox)


Played by: Mark Silcox

Ronnie runs the club's merchandise stall. He doesn't have much to sell though.

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