Porridge. Image shows from L to R: Mr. Mackay (Fulton Mackay), Fletcher (Ronnie Barker), Godber (Richard Beckinsale). Copyright: BBC.

Porridge (1973)

BBC One and BBC Two sitcom about the inmates in a prison. 21 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 1973 - 1977. Stars Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale, Fulton Mackay, Brian Wilde and others.

Series 1, Episode 1 is repeated on Yesterday on Tuesday 25th May at 11:40pm.

Series 1

1. New Faces, Old Hands

First broadcast: Thursday 5th September 1974

It's New Year's Day, and Fletch enters Slade Prison, along with two fellow prisoners, returning resident Heslop and new boy Godber. Fletch introduces Godber to the ways of survival inside - "little victories" over the warders and other staff - although his scheming doesn't quite have the desired effect.


2. The Hustler

First broadcast: Thursday 12th September 1974

Gambling fever has hit Slade - subjects include the number of bricks in a cell, and the number of eggs laid by the hens on the prison farm. Fletch has organised a big game in a secret location, but will anyone actually win?


3. A Night In

First broadcast: Thursday 19th September 1974

Godber moves into the bottom bunk in Fletcher's cell. Unable to sleep, the two spend the night discussing their hopes, fears, and the lives they left outside.


4. A Day Out

First broadcast: Thursday 26th September 1974

Fletcher and Godber join MacKay and Barrowclough's work party, digging drainage ditches for the council. When MacKay calls into the village, the party take advantage of Barrowclough's easygoing nature, but get more than they bargained for after taking shelter from the elements in a church.


5. Ways And Means

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd October 1974

After offering advice to fellow fishing-net "knitter" McLaren on curbing his short temper, Fletch attempts to make amends with the governor when McLaren forgoes angry outbursts for a more peaceful rooftop protest.


6. Men Without Women

First broadcast: Thursday 10th October 1974

Fletcher has been offering his advice to his fellow prisoners on the topic of romance. Letters written home result in a visiting room full of wives and sweethearts, but Fletcher's visitor is his eldest daughter. Should he be following his own advice?


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