Oh Doctor Beeching!. Image shows from L to R: Jack Skinner (Paul Shane), Ethel Schumann (Su Pollard). Copyright: BBC.

Oh Doctor Beeching!

BBC One sitcom about the staff at a quiet railway station. 20 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 1995 - 1997. Stars Paul Shane, Su Pollard, Jeffrey Holland, Julia Deakin and others.

Series 1

1. All Change

First broadcast: Monday 1st July 1996

As rumours begin to filter through that the new head of British Railways, Dr Beeching, is planning on closing large portions of the network, life at the peaceful rural outpost of Hatley is changed with the arrival of a new station master.


2. Talking Turkey

First broadcast: Monday 8th July 1996

When Harry's turkey - being reared and prepared for the staff's Christmas dinner - is seen running up the line, an oncoming train is brought to a swift halt. Meanwhile, Jack's getting more suspicious about his wife and Mr Parkin.


3. The Train Now Standing...

First broadcast: Monday 15th July 1996

Mr Parkin decides to improve the station's service and appearance by fixing and reinstating the long-defunct electronic PA system. Which of the staff he might be able to get to voice the announcements is another matter entirely!


4. A Moving Story

First broadcast: Monday 22nd July 1996

May admits to Ethel that she has met Parkin before. When the story gets to Jack - with a few diplomatic omissions - he confides to May his worries and 'deep' love for her. Meanwhile, Parkin's furniture has arrived for the station master's house.


5. The Late Mr. Buckly

First broadcast: Monday 29th July 1996

When a coffin is delivered aboard the morning train, Jack and Harry decide it'd be best if it's kept out of public view. Unfortunately, matters are complicated when Wilfred accidentally burns the delivery slip.


6. Horse Play

First broadcast: Monday 5th August 1996

Wilfred receives a message about a horse due for delivery, but a mix-up leaves quite a different animal at Hatley. Meanwhile, Mr Parkin has a slightly unorthodox gift for May.


7. Past Love

First broadcast: Monday 12th August 1996

When Mr. Parkin's fiancée, one Edna Taylor, arrives at the station unannounced, all hell breaks loose.


8. Job Opportunity

First broadcast: Monday 19th August 1996

When May receives an almost guaranteed offer of work at another station's buffet, Cecil and Jack unwittingly join forces to keep her at Hatley.


9. Sleeping Around

First broadcast: Monday 26th August 1996

Jack and May become worried when Gloria fails to return home one evening. Meanwhile, Ralph and Arnold are preparing for the dance, and Ethel is desperate for a partner on the floor. Mr Parkin could also have a nasty surprise up his sleeve...


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