Lee Mack's Not Going Out back for Series 14

Thursday 23rd May 2024, 10:15am

Not Going Out. Image shows from L to R: Lucy (Sally Bretton), Lee (Lee Mack). Copyright: Avalon Television
  • Not Going Out is to return for a fourteenth series in 2025
  • Lee Mack says: "Once again I'm very grateful that the BBC have trusted in us to keep alive the studio sitcom"

Lee Mack's multi-award-winning studio sitcom will return for a new series on the BBC in 2025, it has been confirmed.

Evolving over the course of its eighteen year run, the comedy currently focuses on error-prone Lee, his long-suffering wife Lucy (Sally Bretton), their three children (Francesca Newman, Max Pattison and Finley Southby), friends Toby and Anna (Hugh Dennis and Abigail Cruttenden), and Lucy's parents, played by Geoffrey Whitehead and Deborah Grant.

The sitcom initially ran for seven series with Lee as Lucy's lodger in a trendy warehouse conversion flat, before switching to see them now as a married couple, some years into their relationship, living in the suburbs and raising children. The next series will be the sitcom's fourteenth, matching the first incarnation at seven apiece.

Only Mack and Bretton have yet been confirmed as returning for the six-part Series 14.

Lee Mack says: "Once again I'm very grateful that the BBC have trusted in us to keep alive the studio sitcom. I grew up watching this genre of sitcom on the BBC, and to be part of it myself is still a dream come true, even after 18 years of doing it. Here we go again....!!"

Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy at the BBC, says: "Not Going Out remains one of the UK's most cherished sitcoms, a true testament to the exceptional comedic talents of Lee and his team. The show's consistent success and popularity speak volumes, and we are beyond chuffed about its return."

Jon Thoday, executive producer at producers Avalon, comments: "We are delighted to see the BBC keep the fire of the studio sitcom alive and it is a privilege to work with Lee Mack, who is a true master of his craft, as well as the excellent team on the show."

Aside from the as-yet unconfirmed possible return of Mrs. Brown's Boys, Not Going Out is the only studio audience sitcom currently being made for British television.

The BBC says: "Not Going Out continues to be an important show for the BBC and was in the top two most watched comedies on iPlayer across the last 12 months alongside Ghosts, with audiences watching the back catalogue as well as new episodes. The series 13 Christmas Special (100th episode) averaged 4.6 million."

Not Going Out is written by Lee Mack and Daniel Peak.

This news was announced at the BBC Comedy Festival in Glasgow. The BBC also confirmed Outnumbered is to return for a new festival special, The Power Of Parker Series 2, Series 2 of Mammoth, LGBTQ+ chosen family sitcom Smoggie Queens and a series for Funboys, a former BBC Comedy Short Film.

In a speech to producers, Jon Petrie called for the TV industry to "save our sitcoms" with a focus on "protecting homegrown storytelling and creating the next generation of classics". He added: "Mainstream comedy is what viewers love best. It's written right through our comedy heritage and is so close to our hearts. It can tell our stories and bring us together like nothing else. That's why audiences and critics feel so passionately about it and have such a strong sense of ownership. We want producers to take risks and create the next generation of classic sitcoms and immortal characters that audiences will keep returning to for decades to come."

Not Going Out - The Complete Series 1-7

For the first time you can view the complete Series 1-7 of Rose d'Or award-winning sitcom Not Going Out, starring BAFTA winning comedians Lee Mack and Tim Vine, alongside Sally Bretton, Miranda Hart, Megan Dodds, Katy Wix and Hugh Dennis.

Lee is unburdened by ambition or drive, drifting from one ill-advised job to another, living off the goodwill and generosity of his landlady, Kate (Megan Dodds), a clean living Californian. Meanwhile, his best mate and uptight accountant Tim (Tim Vine), struggles to get over his break-up with Kate and cope with her rapidly blossoming friendship with Lee.

Lee's flatmate Kate has moved out for good and his best mate and landlord, Tim has put the apartment up for sale. Faced with the prospect of losing the flat, not to mention his well-meaning but utterly useless cleaner Barbara (Miranda Hart), Lee rents the spare room to Tim's ambitious younger sister Lucy (Sally Bretton).

Having developed feelings for Lucy and successfully sabotaged her relationship with her then-boyfriend Guy, Lee still has no significant plans to confront her, and distractions such as pregnancies, insurance scams, and lesbian neighbours keep his mind off the bigger picture.

Trouble seems to find Lee at every turn. Not only are friends Tim and his ditzy girlfriend Daisy (Katy Wix) on hand to cause problems, but Lee also has to cope with stolen drugs, missing OAPs, long-lost daughters and a coma.

Lee continues to get into all sorts of scrapes and sticky situations in his eagerness to please and impress the object of his affections. But will a drunken experiment with Lucy show once and for all that love really is in the air or will it just lead to more mayhem and mishaps?

The misadventures continue with Lee, Lucy and Daisy getting stuck in a cable car on an Eastern European skiing trip, Lee convincing Lucy to spend a weekend on his dad's (Bobby Ball) 'stylish' new boat even though she is terrified of water and Lucy accidentally running over her client's daughter's beloved pet rabbit.

Lee joins Daisy to compete on the hit TV show Pointless (yes, really): how could he fail to prove his intellectual prowess to Lucy? The will-they won't-they tension reaches unseen new highs in an epic series finale, that sees Lucy and Lee in previously uncharted emotional water. Will they, or won't they...? The time has come to finally find out.

Special features:
All series bonus material and Christmas specials (not including 2015 special)

First released: Sunday 31st May 2015

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