Jim Davidson launches anti-woke panel show

ExclusiveFriday 8th April 2022, 1:27pm by Jay Richardson

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson is making a panel show.

Described as a "Question Time-style" debate "but with jokes and without the 'woke'", Left, Right & Centre features comedians and other guests representing left and right-wing opinion, but "with no snowflakes allowed".

Stand-up Miles Crawford hosts the show, which is recording at The Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne in Dorset later this month, to air on Davidson's streaming platform Ustreme in May.

Comics booked so far include Britain's Got Talent finalist Danny Posthill representing the right, with Samantha Day appearing for the left. Davidson executive produces and will act as warm-up for the recording.

"Everyone is getting bored of having to be PC all the time or everything being 'woke' so we thought we'd create a panel show where we can debate and talk about the craziness of the world and say it exactly how it is" he told British Comedy Guide.

"The audience will be getting involved, just as they do on Question Time, to ask the questions they want answering or raise the biggest issues of the day. The major difference is that our panel won't get cancelled from Ustreme for having an opinion - and we'll have a bloody good laugh debating what's what.

"No snowflakes allowed in the audience though! We need people who can laugh at jokes like grown-ups used to do and not get offended because someone has a different opinion. It'll be like the good old days."

Davidson provoked controversy when he appeared on Question Time in 1999. Perhaps reflective of a less politically polarised time though, complaints centred on celebrities being used as panellists and accusations of "dumbing down", following bookings for the comic, sketch star Norman Pace, singer Paul Heaton and journalist Janet Street-Porter.

Davidson launched his own YouTube channel in 2020, which was succeeded by Ustream the same year. Featuring four subscription channels and one free, it includes his stand-up clips alongside those of comics such as Freddie Starr, Jethro, Bobby Davro, Joe Pasquale and Norman Wisdom, as well as Davidson's home cooking demonstrations, war documentaries and retro US serials like Bonanza and Popeye.

Left, Right & Centre is recording on April 25th, May 3rd and May 4th at the Tivoli Theatre and Davidson is currently touring his Unlocked show around the south of England until September 9th.

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