Motherland. Image shows from L to R: Liz (Diane Morgan), Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin), Kevin (Paul Ready)


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two / BBC One
  • 2016 - 2022
  • 20 episodes (3 series)

Comedy about middle-class parenthood and juggling kids, school, and other parents. Stars Anna Maxwell Martin, Diane Morgan, Paul Ready, Lucy Punch, Philippa Dunne and more.

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Series 1, Episode 6 - The Caretaker

Motherland. Image shows from L to R: Kevin (Paul Ready), Liz (Diane Morgan), Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin)
Julia's childcare problems are solved after she finds the perfect Nanny, but her friendship with Liz is strained.

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Julia's childcare problems are solved after she finds the perfect Nanny, but her friendship with Liz is strained.

Amanda is keeping a low profile after Kevin blurted out her secret. Liz visits Lee's new partner to give her some advice. The school caretaker is in hospital but the Mums have lost their ringleader and there's nobody to organise a card.

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Tuesday 12th December 2017
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 30th September 2018 10:00pm BBC2
Sunday 30th September 2018 11:00pm BBC2 Scot
Sunday 2nd May 2021 2:15am BBC4
Monday 31st May 2021 2:45am BBC4
Tuesday 29th June 2021 2:10am BBC4
Wednesday 28th July 2021 2:20am BBC4
Thursday 26th August 2021 12:40am BBC4

Cast & crew

Anna Maxwell Martin Julia
Diane Morgan Liz
Paul Ready Kevin
Lucy Punch Amanda
Philippa Dunne Anne
Ellie Haddington Marion
Jackie Clune Mrs Lamb
Guest cast
Peter Singh Andrew
Pearl Chanda Debbie Louise
Nick Nevern Lee
Sabine Crossen Alpha Mum 2
Sarah Kendall Lyndsey
Clara Onyemere Lynn
Sarah Sharman Alpha Mum 1
Roger Walker Tommy
Writing team
Sharon Horgan Writer
Helen Serafinowicz (as Helen Linehan) Writer
Holly Walsh Writer
Graham Linehan Writer
Production team
Juliet May Director
Richard Boden Producer
Richard Boden Executive Producer
Graham Linehan Executive Producer
Sharon Horgan Executive Producer
Clelia Mountford Executive Producer
Holly Walsh Associate Producer
Samantha McCole Line Producer
Jake Bernard Editor
Dennis De Groot (as Dennis DeGroot) Production Designer
Sarah Crowe Casting Director
Caroline Pitcher Costume Designer
Chris Goodger Director of Photography
Vanessa White Make-up Designer
Oli Julian Composer
Kas Braganza 1st Assistant Director
Alex Moody Commissioning Editor


Sounds like you don't like her

Julia loves having a Nanny to help her, but sadly she also just really, REALLY, doesn't like her...

Featuring: Anna Maxwell Martin (Julia), Diane Morgan (Liz) & Sarah Kendall (Lyndsey).


After five episodes of The Exquisite Martyrdom of Anna Maxwell Martin, the appalling Julia has finally sorted out her childcare issues (yes, apparently furiously loaded middle-class residents of NW6 can't just chuck loads of money at the problem, whenever) in the series finale. But is supernanny Lindsey as super as she seems? Meanwhile, Amanda fronts out Squaddiegate in style. All this sudden character depth seems a bit late in the day, but it's welcome anyway.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 12th December 2017

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