Married Single Other. Image shows from L to R: Babs (Amanda Abbington), Abbey (Miranda Raison), Lillie (Lucy Davis), Eddie (Shaun Dooley), Clint (Ralf Little), Dickie (Dean Lennox Kelly). Copyright: Left Bank Pictures.

Married Single Other

ITV comedy drama. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2010. Stars Amanda Abbington, Dean Lennox Kelly, Ralf Little, Miranda Raison, Lucy Davis, Shaun Dooley, Leila Mimmack and others.

Press Clippings

Fringe comedy debut: Carly Smallman

Comedian Carly Smallman debut solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.

The List, 26th July 2013

Edinburgh Fringe interview: Carly Smallman

Carly Smallman has made a name for herself in recent years as a musical comedy act with a penchant for sweetly sung funny songs with the occasional disturbing twist.

Laugh Out London, 18th July 2013

Ralf Little has revealed he was shocked when drama Married Single Other was axed - because the public had responded so positively to it. The ITV1 show was given the chop after just one series, but Ralf said: "I haven't had such a positive response since I was in The Royle Family." The actor, 30, is now writing his own comedy series, which he is trying to get commissioned.

The Sun, 12th July 2010

Married, Single, Other, Dumped

ITV has dumped romantic comedy drama Married Single Other after just one series.

The Sun, 24th May 2010

'Married Single Other' for second series?

Married Single Other writer Peter Souter has revealed that a decision on a possible second series is imminent.

Paul Millar, Digital Spy, 30th March 2010

After last week's episode ended with tragedy, this final episode is tinged with sadness throughout. Never as warm and witty as Cold Feet, it's certainly the closest ITV have come in a long while to creating a popular series with the potential to return.

Scott Matthewman, The Stage, 29th March 2010

This series, ending tonight, has been panned by some critics, mostly smartypants types who'd rather die than confess to the heinous crime of liking a middlebrow romantic-comedy. In truth, it's been a fine achievement, funny and sad in equal measure.

Mike Ward, Daily Star, 29th March 2010

Struggling with bereavement, a sad and restless Eddie (the excellent Shaun Dooley, who's made MSO worthwhile) says at one point, "It's funny how death makes you feel really alive." Which might lead you, dear viewer, to think, oh lord, what next? "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? But then, everyone in Married Single Other talks in clich├ęs and the wispy plot is buttressed by indie ballads, a convenient shorthand for slapping the viewer across the face and saying, "Listen! This is a sad bit." Tonight we have Because by I Am Kloot (no, I haven't heard of it or them, either), as everyone looks bereft. All the relationships are, in one way or another, on the rocks, yet the ending (this is the last episode of the series) holds out the hope that everything will be all right really.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 29th March 2010

The Manchester-based Married Single Other comes to a close next week and of course, there will be laughs and tears. That's how all romantic comedy drama thingies finish don't they?

Thus far, Married Single Other has been a sweet and warm enough show, perfect for idling away some TV time. In 'That One Who Played Dawn In The Office', there's a cracking little actress who is reasonably well supported by a cast who can be a bit two dimensional at times.

That said, all romcom films and television shows can be a predictable and shallow. That's why people watch them, eh? Nice, safe television to eat Hob Nobs to.

Mof Gimmers, TV Scoop, 24th March 2010

OK, OK. It's treacle. It may be too much for some of the more macho members of the tvBite office. But come on, it knows which buttons to push (unlike the more macho members of the tvBite office). Today's episode gives it the full works: a wedding, a surprise and well, you just wait and see. Love it.

TV Bite, 22nd March 2010