Married Single Other. Babs (Amanda Abbington). Copyright: Left Bank Pictures
Married Single Other

Married Single Other

  • TV comedy drama
  • ITV1
  • 2010
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

A comedy drama from ITV which tells the story of three couples trying to work out what a couple actually is these days. Stars Amanda Abbington, Dean Lennox Kelly, Ralf Little, Miranda Raison, Lucy Davis and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3 - Burning Rubber

Lillie thinks her career is over, until Babs finds the evidence she needs to clear her name. Gina enlists the help of Joe's older brother Harry to stop the bullying at school. Clint has been going out with Abbey for 29 days but she still will not sleep with him. It is Dickie and Babs' wedding anniversary, and Dickie is not taking it well.

Further details

Married Single Other. Image shows from L to R: Clint (Ralf Little), Abbey (Miranda Raison). Copyright: Left Bank Pictures

Lillie has been suspended from work since Mr Connelly claimed she attacked him outside the Women's Shelter. It's now the day of her tribunal and things aren't looking good. It appears the Women's Shelter will have to fire her to avoid an expensive legal battle.

To make matters worse, Connelly arrives at the tribunal and taunts Lillie about losing her job. It's clear Connelly is faking his injuries but Lillie needs a way to prove it.

Babs tries to give Lillie some moral support. At the tribunal she acts as a character witness but her 'expert assessment' on Lillie doesn't go down well. But just when Lillie thinks her career is over, Babs finds the evidence Lillie needs to clear her name.

Lillie and Eddie's genius son Joe suffers from some mild bullying at school, in the form of being cling-filmed to various static objects. Joe doesn't mind too much because he believes it allows him time to think. When he's cling-filmed to a lamp post in the school grounds yet again Gina decides she is going to teach him how to be 'ordinary'. Gina enlists the help of Joe's older brother, Harry and together they find a way to stop Joe being bullied.

Clint has been going out with Abbey for 29 days but she still won't sleep with him. Clint is desperate to have sex and can't understand why Abbey won't put out. He comes to the conclusion that Abbey must be working a points system that allows him to qualify as her boyfriend if he does enough good deeds.

It's Dickie and Bab's wedding anniversary, and Dickie is not taking it well. He is still living in the Winnebago and Babs won't allow him back home or accept his anniversary gift. Dickie becomes increasingly depressed as he realises that this time his break up with Babs might be for real.

Still looking to score extra points with Abbey, Clint decides to take Dickie out to a club to help take his mind off Babs. Dickie is not in the mood to be cheered up and mopes at the bar all evening before going home early. A sexually frustrated Clint finds it hard to keep his self-control, and when he meets a beautiful Brazillian cage dancer, Fabiana he is more than tempted.

Abbey invites the girls over for cocktails and admits she plans to sleep with Clint at midnight, exactly 30 days after they first got together. Will Clint realise in time?

Meanwhile, Eddie is working double shifts to make up for LiIlie's suspension from the Women's Shelter. He and Flo have a frustrating day tending to a series of trivial patients that hardly qualify for an ambulance. Finally, at the end of the day, they pick up a young female patient who really is sick. And in doing so, Eddie discovers something that will potentially change all of their lives, forever.

Broadcast details

Monday 8th March 2010
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 14th March 2010 10:30pm ITV2

Cast & crew

Amanda Abbington Babs
Dean Lennox Kelly Dickie
Ralf Little Clint
Miranda Raison Abbey
Lucy Davis Lillie
Shaun Dooley Eddie
Leila Mimmack Gina
Jack Scanlon Joe
Tom Kane Harry
Neil Bell Mr Connelly
Guest cast
Gina Yashere Flo
John Draycott Mr Walden
Michael Socha Spud
Richard Lintern Bennett
Priyanga Burford Jenna
Elizabeth Lowe Posh Braxton-Hicks
Oona Chaplin Fabiana
Farzana Dua Elahe Charlie
Writing team
Peter Souter Writer
Lucy Dyke Script Editor
Production team
Declan Lowney Director
Radford Neville Producer
Andy Harries Executive Producer
Francis Hopkinson Executive Producer
Peter Souter Executive Producer
Hugo Heppell Executive Producer
Lucien Clayton Editor
Grenville Horner Production Designer
Ruth Barrett Composer

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