Lab Rats. Dr Alex Beenyman (Chris Addison). Copyright: BBC.

Lab Rats

BBC Two sitcom about rubbish scientists. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2008. Stars Chris Addison, Geoffrey McGivern, Jo Enright, Dan Tetsell and others.

Series 1

Lab Rats. Image shows from L to R: Dean Mieke Miedema (Selina Cadell), Brian Lalumaca (Dan Tetsell). Copyright: BBC.

1. A Snail

First broadcast: Thursday 10th July 2008

Can Alex and Brian help a Russian professor clone his dead grandmother in 24 hours? Why has Cara filled the lab with lemons? And will the Prof ever track down the Dean's hidden Toblerone?


Lab Rats. Image shows from L to R: Les Goodman (Kim Wall), Dean Mieke Miedema (Selina Cadell). Copyright: BBC.

2. A Donor

First broadcast: Thursday 17th July 2008

There's chaos at the Arnolfini Research Laboratory of St Dunstan's University when it emerges that Cara has stored several boxes of strawberry ice-lollies and some crispy pancakes in the cryogenics pod.

The Lab Rats have no choice but to defrost its occupant, Sir Andrew Chother, who was frozen because he's the most irritating man in the world and it just seemed the best thing to do. Now they have to keep him out of the way during a surprise inspection.


Lab Rats. Brian Lalumaca (Dan Tetsell). Copyright: BBC.

3. A Protest

First broadcast: Thursday 24th July 2008

The lab is surrounded by protesters hurling eggs and threats. The Dean is too busy selling the eggs as well as doing a roaring trade in several varieties of Dutch cake to help. And the best thing to be said of Cara's attempt to solve the security problem is that it's slightly less risky or blood-thirsty than either the Prof's or Brian's.

In the meantime, Joan Armatrading is taking part in an anti-Arnolfini Live Aid-style event in the college grounds. Can Alex manage to stop accidentally offending the hordes before they storm the place?


Lab Rats. Image shows from L to R: Professor John Mycroft (Geoffrey McGivern), Dr Alex Beenyman (Chris Addison), Dr Vaabit (Mike McShane). Copyright: BBC.

4. A Bee

First broadcast: Thursday 31st July 2008

Convinced that his great rival, Dr Vaabit, has deliberately sabotaged his avocado plants, the Professor pursues a vendetta.

Alex and Cara, meanwhile, get into trouble trying to communicate with some of Dr Vaabit's bees - which they have been secretly farming in a filing cabinet.


5. A Seven-Nighter

First broadcast: Thursday 7th August 2008

The Lab Rats spend seven nights in a secret governmental research facility this week on a very important assignment. All they have to do now is stay awake without going mad. Can seven oil drums full of coffee, a tin of biscuits and the Dean's morale-boosting visits do the trick, or will the static, the Professor's intriguing underwear and the strange man with the teeth tip them over the edge?


Lab Rats. Image shows from L to R: Dr Alex Beenyman (Chris Addison), Dr. Benjamin Beenyman (John Quayle). Copyright: BBC.

6. A Diary

First broadcast: Thursday 14th August 2008

The Professor and Brian are stuck in the loft awaiting the arrival of a messenger pigeon. While there, they accidentally send the university's weather system haywire, sending floods, fog and baking heat through the corridors. This then makes it difficult for a reluctant Alex to help his dad - one of the university's historians - answer the question: has he really found the missing diary of Captain Scott?