Jeeves And Wooster. Image shows from L to R: Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie), Jeeves (Stephen Fry). Copyright: Picture Partnership Productions.

Jeeves And Wooster

ITV comedy drama about a man and his valet. 23 episodes (4 series), 1990 - 1993. Stars Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Mary Wimbush, Elizabeth Spriggs and others.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd April 1990

Bertie Wooster is in court following rowdy festivities on the night of the Boat Race; help is at hand in the form of new valet, Jeeves. Can he also help Bertie get out of an accidental engagement, and can Bertie help out his friends without disaster?

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2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Sunday 29th April 1990

Bertie is in love. Jeeves considers Miss Bobbie Wickham too frivolous but any girl who can come up with a scheme to get even with Barmy Fotheringay Phipps is Bertie's idea of a helpmate.

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3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Sunday 6th May 1990

Lord Wickhammersley is always one for a wager but, since he came close to losing the East Wing in a game of shove-halfpenny, Lady Wickhammersley has banned betting at Twing. Bertie does not intend to let this stand in his way at the village Sports Day.

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4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Friday 4th May 1990

Bertie manages to get on the wrong side of everyone - again - when he attempts to offer the same solution to the differing woes of Gussie Fink Nottle, Aunt Dahlia, and Tuppy Glossop.

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5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Sunday 20th May 1990

As the fall-out from Bertie's advice reaches London, he is irked to learn that his presence to fix the mess is not requested. Naturally, he heads straight back to Brinkley, and attempts to clear up the confusions of amour. Might a fire bell do the trick?

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