Big Boys Series 2 launches in January

Tuesday 14th November 2023, 11:07am

Big Boys. Image shows left to right: Jack (Dylan Llewellyn), Danny (Jon Pointing)

Series 2 Big Boys will arrive on Channel 4 in January. A collection of first look images have been revealed today.

The sitcom, which launched in May 2022, following two mismatched friends thrown together at university. The plot for the new six-part run is described as follows: "Series 2 takes the whole gang straight into the second year of Brent University 2014, where alongside dealing with virginity hang-ups, drug experimentation (both legal and otherwise) and Jack's obsession with Alison Hammond, this time round their degrees actually count!

"Meanwhile Jack's family continue to navigate their lives after his dad's passing, beginning just as much of a new chapter as the gang at university. And Danny gets to revisit his past as he learns how to better deal with his mental health issues."

Dylan Llewellyn, Jon Pointing, Camille Coduri, Katy Wix, Izuka Hoyle, Olisa Odele, Harriet Webb and Annette Badland are all confirmed to be returning.

Big Boys. Image shows left to right: Jack Rooke, Peggy (Camille Coduri), Jack (Dylan Llewellyn), Danny (Jon Pointing), Corinne (Izuka Hoyle)

Creator Jack Rooke says: "We are finally returning, to take you all back to the pre-Brexit era of 2014/2015, where David Cameron wasn't our foreign secretary and everyone was happily doing the ice bucket challenge. Second year at Brent Uni is bigger and better than before, delving into even more of our uni gangs japes, scrapes and collective love of her royal highness, Alison Hammond."

Executive producer Ash Atalla jokes: "Big Boys is back for year 2 and time to get serious about studies. No more drinking, partying or sex, this series is all set in the library where we follow our gang reading books. We hope you like our new direction."

Big Boys. Image shows left to right: Danny (Jon Pointing), Jack (Dylan Llewellyn), Yemi (Olisa Odele), Corinne (Izuka Hoyle), Jules (Katy Wix)
Big Boys. Image shows left to right: Jack (Dylan Llewellyn), Corinne (Izuka Hoyle), Danny (Jon Pointing)
Big Boys. Jules (Katy Wix)
Big Boys
Big Boys. Image shows left to right: Peggy (Camille Coduri), Cousin Shannon (Harriet Webb)

Series 2 launches in January. Stream Series 1

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