Richard Herring.

Everything Happens For No Reason

TV sitcom project which was not broadcast. Stars Noel Fielding, Jessica Knappett and Ben Bailey Smith.

This comedy has never been broadcast

Everything Happens For No Reason

Sitcom project in development, written by Richard Herring

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Channel 4
1 Pilot
Noel Fielding, Jessica Knappett and Ben Bailey Smith
Richard Herring
Al Campbell

Sitcom pilot by Richard Herring based around an "alternate universe situation" where the central character has an affair.

Writing on his blog, Herring explained: "It's a big idea, but what I think is hopefully good about it is that it is really about human relationships and human choices and human regrets. And I want to properly explore the mechanics of having an affair in a situation that your partner can never find out about (I think Goodnight Sweetheart went for farce on this, rather than considering the real implications on one's happiness). Would you feel OK about it if you knew you couldn't be caught, or would the guilt still eat away at you? Is it just the danger of discovery that makes having an affair exciting and terrifying at the same time? (you know, I imagine)."

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