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Series 1, Episode 3

Defending The Guilty. Image shows from L to R: Beth (Vicki Pepperdine), Will Packham (Will Sharpe). Copyright: Big Talk Productions
Caroline and Will ride their luck alongside a harassed CPS in a wacky race to bring a thug to justice.

Further details

Caroline and Will take on a last-minute prosecution case, only to find that the system has conspired to make it almost impossible to win.

Faced with an elderly skittish victim who just wants it all to be over, and an underfunded chaotic system that thwarts them at every turn, Caroline and Will ride their luck alongside a harassed CPS and an unhelpful volunteer in a wacky race to bring a thug to justice.

Meanwhile the pupils' competition heats up and Liam and Danielle find incriminating evidence against Pia. Things get figuratively and literally dirty. Will, still juggling the deceit in his personal life, wants no part of it. But, in this world, who can afford to be an idealist?

Broadcast details

Tuesday 1st October 2019
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Will Sharpe Will Packham
Katherine Parkinson Caroline Bratt
Gwyneth Keyworth Danielle
Hugh Coles Liam
Hanako Footman Pia
Prasanna Puwanarajah Ashley
Claudia Jessie Nessa
Guest cast
Patricia Brake Annie
Vicki Pepperdine Beth
Peter Polycarpou Judge
Laurence Howarth Graham
Oliver Lansley Matt
Aki Omoshaybi Sergent Wells
Mia Rodgers Kirsten
Writing team
Kieron Quirke Writer
Production team
Tom George Director
Georgie Fallon Producer
Kenton Allen Executive Producer
Saurabh Kakkar Executive Producer
Jim Field Smith Executive Producer
Kieron Quirke Executive Producer
Matthew Justice Executive Producer
Alex McBride Associate Producer
Lucy Jack Line Producer
Jo Walker Editor
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
Rachel Freck Casting Director
Wiz Francis Costume Designer
Nick Martin Director of Photography
Emily Bilverstone Make-up Designer
Katie Rodgers Graphics
Lara Singer Development Editor
Paul Judges 1st Assistant Director
Kate Daughton Commissioning Editor


Caroline (Katherine Parkinson) and Will (Will Sharpe) viciously butt heads with Lady Justice once again, this time over the case of an elderly victim and an unrepentant thug. The real aggression, however, is reserved for the pupils' competition back at chambers. What new dirt has Danielle dug up on Pia?

Ellen E. Jones, The Guardian, 1st October 2019

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