Dani's Castle. Copyright: The Foundation.

Dani's Castle

CBBC sitcom. 39 episodes (3 series), 2013 - 2015. Stars Dani Harmer, Shannon Flynn, Richard Wisker, Kieran Alleyne, Niall Wright, Jordan Brown, Toby Murray and others.

Dani (Series 1-2)

Played by: Dani Harmer

Practical yet playful, actress Dani is forced to call on all her resourcefulness when she inherits a crumbling estate from a long-lost Aunt. Can she overcome her fear of ghosts, local pursuits and being without a mobile phone signal to turn around the fortunes of the estate?

In the second series, Dani is living in America so talks to her friends via internet video.


Played by: Shannon Flynn

The daughter of the groundskeeper of the castle, Kaitlin has recently moved to Bogmoor from Manchester. Intelligent and pragmatic, Kaitlin becomes a valuable asset to Dani as she tries to win the respect of the locals. But she has little time for hopeless city boy Jimmy and her pesky little brother Leo.


Played by: Richard Wisker

Rich is another cousin. He soon makes the castle his home, and starts up a radio station there.


Played by: Kieran Alleyne

Soft-hearted urban boy Jimmy is more used to the sights of the city than the sounds and smells of the countryside. Accident-prone and impractical, can he adapt to life in the castle to help his new cousin turn the estate around?


Played by: Niall Wright

Dashing, romantic and chivalrous, ghostly Gabe would make perfect boyfriend material for a modern girl, if only he wasn't dead and unable to go outside the castle! He has a soft spot for Dani, much to the chagrin of little sister Esme.


Played by: Jordan Brown

Spirited spook Esme has been hanging around the castle for 250 years, so sees no reason to bow down to the current human residents. But she's soon willing to work with Dani and her friends when she realises it's her best hope for staying in her beloved castle.

Dylan (Series 2-3)

Played by: Toby Murray

Dylan is Rich's brother.

Leo (Series 1)

Wannabe magician Leo is the younger brother of Kaitlin and rarely found without his trusty magic wand. The trouble is, Leo's spells rarely work out - in fact his last spell probably burned down the town's only internet café...