Common Sense.

Common Sense

BBC Two comedy where the public express their views on the news. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Ruth Jones.

Press Clippings

A further flurry of current affairs chat from the Great British Public or, for the uninitiated, more of what happens when you put Twitter and the new BBC One idents in a blender. Going by the series so far, diverting but definitely Gogglebox Lite, it's a thundering shame that the US enjoys Samantha Bee, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert leading a topical comedy renaissance, while our equivalent is apparently two barflies talking about The Emoji Movie.

Mark Gibbings-Jones, The Guardian, 8th February 2017

In a seeming attempt to emulate Gogglebox's off-the-cuff brilliance, this topical series featuring members of the public is filmed just a few days prior to transmission. Although previews are, as such, unavailable, expect the requisite mix of homespun wit and plenty of Trump and Brexit-themed gags. However, whether this lot have the unassuming comedic skills of Sandy and Sandra, let alone Scarlett Moffatt, remains to be seen.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 18th January 2017

Common Sense review

Unless Common Sense can get closer to real-time news, and catch the scabrous and speculative nature of real street speech, it threatens to be no more than an out-of-focus group.

Mark Lawson, The Guardian, 12th January 2017

Preview - Common Sense

Anyone with any common sense will be able to tell you that the production company behind Gogglebox is trying to repeat the same formula elsewhere.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 11th January 2017

A bit like Gogglebox, but for the news, this new series finds the topical stories of the day - from breaking news to bizarre headlines - dissected by "real British people". So, that means dinner ladies from Leeds, market traders from London's East End and butchers from Birmingham. The folk giving their two penn'orth are so chosen for their incisive wit and "unfiltered" manner, so expect blunt reactions to the week's news. Ruth Jones is on voiceover duties.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 11th January 2017

Gogglebox producers to make new BBC Two comedy show

The producers of Gogglebox are making a new topical comedy show for BBC Two called Common Sense.

British Comedy Guide, 26th August 2016